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-Comparison of Binding Site Concentrations in Humic Substance Extracted from Composts Made from Various Materials王敏昭-
-Complexation Reactions of Heavy Metals with Humified Substances and Organic Substances王敏昭-
-The Contents, Distribution and Forms of Radioactive Sr and Cs in a Red Soil and an Alluvial Soil and Their Transfer to Vegetables (I)王敏昭-
-Effect of Soil Treatment with Livestock Wastewater on (i) Water Quality of the Sites and their Vicinal Environments and (ii) Soil Properties and Water Quality of Lysimeter賴盈仲-
-Electroanalysis of Clay Modified Copper-Plated Screen Printed Carbon ElectrodeYao, Kai-Yuan; 姚開元-
-Electrochemical character of synthetic TodorokiteLin, Ying-Yu; 林映佑-
-Mean Residence Time of Humus Extracted from Two Soils and Qualitative and Quantitative CharacteristicsChang, Shin-Hsing; 張順興-
-Nature of Heavy Metals in Humified Organic Constituent of Sediment from Erh-Jen River王銀波; 王敏昭-
-Significance of Decarboxylation of Organics as Catalyzed by Soil Inorganic Components on Global Change王敏昭; 王銀波-
-Studies on the Bonding Forms of Solid-Phase Speciations of Arsenic in Soil Environment王敏昭-
-Studies on the Relationships between the Variation of Soil Ecology and Humification (III)王敏昭-
-Studies on The Sampling, Analysis and Control Steps for Two Wastes Dumping Sites According to Waste Disposal Act and Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation ActFan, Chun-Ping; 范群彬-
-七家灣溪沿岸土地各利用型態對溪流生態影響王敏昭; 張簡水紋-
-三種有機堆肥腐植質之特性及其與鉛、銅、鎘及鋅之反應黃俊嘉; Huang, Jun Jia-
-三至五年之水旱輪作及不同施肥處理對一些表土物化性質之影響Hsiang, Yang Chi; 楊智翔-
-中部地區大氣落塵成分之物化性質探討楊慧庭; Hui-Ting, Yang-
-以土壤性質預測鍶-85從土壤至蕹菜之遷移張君安; An, Chang Jun-