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-5083 Al-Mg-Mn合金熱軋延板材沿厚度方向晶粒等軸均一化之研究鄭旭峰; Chen, Hsu-Feng-
-A threshold accelerometer based on a tristable mechanismHong Van Tran; Tien Hoang Ngo; Ngoc Dang Khoa Tran; Thanh-Phong Dao; Dung-An Wang; 王東安
-Analysis of an annular PZT actuator for a droplet ejector王東安; Wang, D.A.; Cheng, C.H.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Zhang, Z.X.-
-Bezier及OURBS變幅桿的設計及其應用阮澄心; Nguyen, Tam Hai-Dang
-A computational study of local stress intensity factor solutions for kinked cracks near spot welds in lap-shear specimens王東安; Wang, D.A.; Pan, J.-
-Design and analysis of a tristable micromechanismChun-Hua Chen; 陳俊華
-Design and Characterization of a Compliant Bistable GripperZu-Yuan Huang; 黃祖源
-Design and characterization of a mouse trap based on a bistable mechanismQuoc-Dung Truong; Ngoc-Dang-Khoa Tran; 王東安; Dung-An Wang
-Design and kinetostatic modeling of a compliant gripper for grasp and autonomous release of objectsTien-Hoang Ngo; Hong-Van Tran; Thang-An Nguyen; Thanh-Phong Dao; Dung-An Wang; 王東安-
-Design of a Bezier-profile horn for high displacement amplificationWang, D.A.; 王東安; Chuang, W.Y.; Hsu, K.; Pham, H.T.-
-Design of a bistable electrostatic energy harvesterPei-I Hung; 洪培益
-Design of a crab-like bistable mechanism for nearly equal switching forces in forward and backward directionsNgoc Dang Khoa Tran; 王東安; Dung-An Wang
-Design of an out-of-plane motion mechanismChang-Lung Tsai; 蔡昌龍
-Design+and+Analysis+of+a+Bezier-Profile+Horn王東安; 莊維彥; 許朝凱; 范輝尊
-Dynamical switching of an electromagnetically driven compliant bistable mechanismWang, D.A.; 王東安; Pham, H.T.; Hsieh, Y.H.-
-Electromagnetic energy harvesting from flow induced vibrationWang, D.A.; 王東安; Chang, K.H.-
-Fatigue lives of friction stir spot welds in aluminum 6061-T6 sheetsWang, D.A.; 王東安; Chen, C.H.-
-Geometric functions of stress intensity factor solutions for spot welds in lap-shear specimensWang, D.A.; 王東安; Lin, P.C.; Pan, J.-
-Geometric functions of stress intensity factor solutions for spot welds in U-shape specimensLin, P.C.; 王東安; Wang, D.A.-