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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-(1999 Conference on Production Scheduling:Theory and its Applications:A71-A76)Producing a Project Schedule with the Minimum Schedule Risk for Product Development:A Fuzzy Set ApproachJ. Wang-
-(4th International Conference on Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Automation Technology:623-632)A Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Framework for QFD PlanningJ. Wang-
-An Analytic Network Process Approach for Project Selection in a Social Venture Capital Firm陳奕璋; Chen, Yi-Zhang-
-Analyzing Customer Requirements in New Product Development: A Case Study in the Mobile Game Industry簡琬真; Jian, Wan-Jhen-
-(Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering VI:163-178)Decomposition of Design ActivitiesA. Kusiak; J Wang-
-Applying Data Mining Techniques for Customer Requirements Analysis: A Case Study in the Game IndustryLin, Po-Chi; 林柏棋-
-Applying the TRIZ Methodology for Service Innovation in the E-Book reader Industry錢俊宇; Chian, Jiun-Yu-
-(ASME Transactions: Journal of Mechanical Design, 115(4):687-695)Decomposition of the Design ProcessA. Kusiak; J. Wang
-(ASME Transactions: Journal of Mechanical Design, 118(4):470-477)Negotiation in Constraint-Based DesignA. Kusiak; J. Wang
-(ASME Winter Annual Meeting:021-032)Qualitative Analysis of the Design ProcessA. Kusiak; J Wang-
-(Computer Applications in Production and Engineering:Integration Aspects:297-304)Concurrent Engineering:Simplification of the Design ProcessA. Kusiak; J Wang-
-(Computers and Industrial Engineering, 26(3):521-536)Reengineering of Design and Manufacturing ProcessesA. Kusiak; J. Wang; N. Larson
-Concurrent Engineering:Models and Solution ApproachesA. Kusiak; J Wang-
-Decomposition of the Design ProcessK. K. Choi; E. J. Haug; K. Kortanek; A. Kusiak; T. Lowe; J. Wang
-Designing new product supply chains using a possibilistic approachJ. Wang-
-Developing Robust Inventory Strategy for New Product Supply ChainJ. Wang-
-Discovering Technological Opportunities for Microfluidic biochip Using Keyword-Based Patent Analysis王宇丞; Yu-Cheng Wang
-(Eighth International Fuzzy Systems Association World Congress:949-953)A Fuzzy Beam Search Approach For Scheduling of Design Activities with Imprecise Temporal InformationJ. Wang-
-(European Journal of Operational Research, 152(1):180-194)A fuzzy robust scheduling approach for product development projectsJ. Wang
-(European Journal of Operational Research, 177(2):1044-1061)A possibilistic decision model for new product supply chain designJ. Wang; Y.-F. Shu