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-2-甲氧基-1,4-萘醌對人類胃腺癌細胞之細胞毒性及對幽門螺旋桿菌誘發胃癌之免疫反應Lin, Yi-Han; 林怡涵-
-2-甲氧基-1,4-萘醌對人類胃腺癌細胞之細胞毒性及對幽門螺旋桿菌誘發胃癌之免疫反應林怡涵; Lin, Yi-Han-
-4’,5,7-三羥基黃酮對幽門螺旋桿菌感染胃腺癌細胞發炎之抑制Huang, Kai-ming; 黃凱民-
-Anti-coxsackievirus B3 activity and relevant mechanisms of glycyrol in Vero cellsHsin-I Chou; 周欣儀
-Anti-enterovirus 71 activity and relevant mechanism of glycyrol in Rhabdomyosarcoma cellsHuai-En Huang; 黃懷恩
-Anti-enterovirus 71 compounds from Ficus pumila L. fractionsRen-Jie Zhang; 張仁傑
-Anti-enterovirus activity of Ficus pumila L.and its immune modulation陳育如; Chen, Yu-Ju-
-Anti-Helicobacter pylori activity, quantification of active compounds with an HPLC method and optimization of active compounds extraction from Impatiens balsamina L..Liao, Jynu-Ji; 廖俊吉-
-Antibacterial activity of Melastoma candidum D. DonWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Hsu, H.W.; Liao, W.L.-
-Component analysis of backcross genetically modified anti-Papaya ringspot virus domestic papaya fruitsLin, Jin-Yu; 林勁妤-
-The flavonoid, carotenoid and pectin content in peels of citrus cultivated in TaiwanWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Chuang, Y.C.; Hsu, H.W.-
-In vitro Activity of Impatiens balsamina L. Against Multiple Antibiotic-Resistant Helicobacter pyloriWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Wu, D.C.; Liao, J.J.; Wu, C.H.; Li, W.Y.; Weng, B.C.-
-Inflammatory and apoptotic regulatory activities of 2-methoxy-1,4 naphthoquinone in Helicobacter pylori-infected gastric adenocarcinoma cellsChe-Ying Tsai; 蔡哲瑛
-Inhiibitor effect of Melastoma candidum D. Don acetone extract on foodborne pathogenic bacteria survival in food productsWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Hsu, H.W.-
-Physico-chemical properties of tea (Camellia sinensis) pollen and effect of fermentation treatments on their functional propertiesKao, Yen-Ting; 高嬿婷-
-Quantitation of bioactive compounds in citrus fruits cultivated in TaiwanWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Chuang, Y.C.; Ku, Y.H.-
-Screening of anti-Helicobacter pylori herbs deriving from Taiwanese folk medicinal plantsWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Huang, T.L.-
-Simultaneous quantification of flavonoids and triterpenoids in licorice using HPLCWang, Y.C.; 王苑春; Yang, Y.S.-
-Simultaneous Quantitation of Major Flavonoids and Triterpenoids in Licorice and Relative Products by HPLC楊懿珊; Yang, Yi-Shan-
-Studies of anti-Helicobacter pylori activity of Plumbago zeylanica Linn., a Taiwanese folk medicinal plant黃棟樑; Huang, Tung-Liang-