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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Combining Medium and Coarse Spatial Resolution Satellite Data to Improve the Growth Monitoring and Yields Estimation of Paddy Rice申雍-
-Delineation and Characterization of Site-Specific Management Zone for Paddy Rice Fields申雍-
-Detecting Soil Organic Matter Content through Reflectance SpectraYi-Hao Dai; 戴逸豪
-Effect of Soil Treatment with Livestock Wastewater on (i) Water Quality of the Sites and their Vicinal Environments and (ii) Soil Properties and Water Quality of Lysimeter賴盈仲-
-Effect of transpiration on Pb uptake by lettuce and on water soluble low molecular weight organic acids in rhizosphere廖永綜; Liao, Yung-Chung-
-Estimating Rice Yields at Village Level in Taiwan through Satellite Imageries申雍; 王淑姿-
-Estimation and Application of Potential Evapotranspiration by Remote SensingMing-Ren Syu; 許銘仁
-Impacts of Climate Change to Food Security and Potential Adaptation Stratigies申雍-
-Study of Agrometeorological Disaster Mitigation Techniques for Waxapples and Pineapples申雍; 唐琦-
-不同前處理方法對台農67號(水稻)植被反射光譜預測產量之影響劉長利; Liu, Chang-Li-
-作物資料庫及適栽作物推薦王鼎鈞; Wang, Ding-Jiun-
-利用多頻譜觀測儀觀測地表水體濁度及總固體濃度黃家慶; Huang, Chia-Ching-
-利用支持向量機於機載高光譜感測影像之分類黃凱翔; Huang, Kai-Shiang-
-利用植被反射量測預測水稻米質與產量特性楊松勳; Yang, Sung-Hsun-
-台灣中部山區葡萄、枇杷霜害之發生機制與預防技術之研究章國威; Chang, Kuo-Wei-
-台灣地區梅雨期間豪雨發生機率之空間分布及其在農業上之應用陳守泓; Chen, Shoou Hong-
-台灣重要果澍溫度逆境改善方法之研究詹文揚; Wen, Yang Jan-
-圖繪田間水稻含氮狀態之遙感探測技術研究Lee, Yuh-Jyuan; 李裕娟-