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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Application of Local Radial Basis Function Refinement with Finite Element Model in Groundwater Studies沈政泓; Shen, Cheng-Hung-
-Complex System Analysis and Management Strategies in Eutrophication蔡大偉; David, D-W.Tsai-
-Daily Fluctuations of Soil Temperature under Natural Hardwoods at the Lienhuachi Area of Central TaiwanJaung-Pey Lin; 黃良鑫; Hui-Sheng Lu; 盧惠生; 林壯沛-
-Design Hyetographs of 24-hour Duration from Different Rainfall Recording Periods at the Piluchi Area of Central Taiwan盧惠生; Hui-Sheng Lu-
-Dynamic behaviors of pulsing sediment for watershedsTsai, Chen-Chen; 蔡真珍-
-Environmental, Hydrologic Characteristics of and Integrated Conservation Strategies for Shuili Creek Watershed in Central Taiwan胡慧蘭; Hu, Hui-Lan-
-Evaluation of carbon stocks in terrestrial ecosystems吳逸崟; Wu, Yi-Yin-
-GRAPH(降雨-逕流模式)校正係數與集水區地文因子關係之研究Lin, Tzu-Chun; 林姿君-
-Peak Runoff from Subwatersheds of the Wusantou Reservoir in the Southwestern TaiwanHui-sheng Lu; 盧惠生-
-Philip入滲方程式計算超滲雨量之探討林壯沛; J. P. Lin; 盧惠生; 鄭皆達; H. S. Lu; J. D. Chen
-A Study of Evaluation Model on Slope Failure Potential With Fuzzy Theory-The Slope-Land Area in Taipei City as an ExampleChen, Chung-Hao; 陳中豪-
-A study of geomorphic evolution and characteristics of landslides in watershedsLin, Chia-Rung; 林家榮-
-A Study of Integrated Conservation Strategies for the Upper Yuanli Creek Watershed in Central TaiwanHsu, Su-Chu; 徐淑竹-
-A Study on Application of Landscape Ecological Analysis in Watershed ManagementSun, Ming-Te; 孫明德-
-A Study on Runoff and Soil Erosion under Different Land Uses of WatershedShiang-yue Lu; 陸象豫; Jaung-pey Lin; Hui-sheng Lu; 林壯沛; 盧惠生-
-A Study on the Delineation of Watershed Landslide PotentialHuang, Kai-Jyun; 黃凱君-
-Study on the Function Difference Analysis for the On-Site and Off-Site Detention Ponds凃世本; Tu, Shih-Ben-
-A Study on the Relations between Rainfall and Streamflow on Shih-men Experimental WatershedsB.Y. Yang; 楊炳炎; H.S. Lu; 盧惠生-
-A Study on the Release of Taitung #2508 Protection Forest for Soil ConservationChan, Hui-Ting; 詹惠婷-
-三合溪集水區泥沙推估與濱水帶設置林壯沛; Jaung-Pey Lin; 黃良鑫; 盧惠生; 林昭遠; 鄭皆達; Liang-Shin Hwang; Hui-Sheng Lu; Chao-Yuan Lin; Jie-Dar Cheng