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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-1D model analysis for centrifugal fan and design examples洪振豪; Chen-Hao Hung
-Analysis of the dynamic Apex seal leakage of Wankel Engine許右龍; Yu-Lung Hsu
-Analysis of the seal leakage of UAV rotary engine楊建楷; Jian-Kai Yang
-Chemical Saving for the Wet Etch Machine with Design of Experiment曾俊賢; Chun-Hsien Tseng
-Combustion characteristics of Aviation fuel JP-8 in diesel engine張智荃; Zhi-Quan Zhang
-Emission and fuel consumption of motorcycle running with hydrogen rich reformed gas姜禹丞; Yu-Cheng Jiang
-An experimental investigation of hydrogen addition on performance, combustion characteristics and emissions of a heavy-duty diesel engine張文愛; Truong Van Men
-The Exploration of the Exhaust Emission of the Diesel Mixed With DME.謝吉雄; Chi- Hsiung Hsieh
-The Feasibility Study on the Hydrogen Rich Engine with Methanol Reforming by Exhaust Energy盧昭暉-
-Flow and Heat Transfer Simulation in an Electric Control Box to Impair the Overheating Problem李建興; Chien-Hsing Li
-The influence on fluid flow in a cleanroom with high raised floor ventilation劉永斌; Yung-Pin Liu
-Investigation on the Effects of Injection Parameter on the Combustion Characteristic and Emissions of Diesel Engine林九洲; Chiu-Chou Lin
-Investigation on the relationship among particulate matter concentration, opacity and smoke number of diesel engine黃健寧; Chien-Ning Huang
-Investigations on the Benefits of Air Pollution Reduction for the Stationary Fuel Cell Technologies盧昭暉-
-Investigations on the Development of the Emission Control Technologies and the Trends in Regulations for Motorcycles盧昭暉-
-Investigations on the Operating Parameters and Efficiency of the Regenerative Type Heat Exchanger of the Glass Furnace林資峻; Chun-Zen Lin
-LNG冷能利用於氫氣液化之可行性分析李奇勳; Lee, Ci-Syun-
-LNG冷能應用於發電與冷凍庫之效能分析林佳樑; Lin, Chia-Liang-
-LPG二行程機車引擎性能與廢氣量測樊潤武; Fan, Zuu-Wu-
-Numerical investigations of heat transfer characteristics on regenerator for waste heat recovery system楊玉璧; Duong Ngoc Bich