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-The Development of GABA Tea Powder Extrudates and the Analysis of Its Anti-oxidative Properties唐璽鎧; Tang, Hsi-Kai-
-Effect of annealing treatment on the physicochemical properties of rice starches with different degrees of gelatinization游清文; You, Qing Wen-
-Effect of puffed-rice production via hydrothermal and oil-frying treatments陳美枝; CHEN, MEI-ZHI-
-Effects of steeping and milling on the physicochemical properties of rice flour and the quality of rice curd.蘇瑞雯; Su, Jui-Wen-
-Effects of various additives on the quality of oriental noodlesGUO, DUI-GU; 郭封谷-
-Studies on the cell wall polysaccharide from rice kernel with different degree of milling and its effects to the physiochemical properties of rice starch陳樺翰-
-Studies on the computer programmed process applied for rice dryingLIAO, TIAN-WANG; 廖添旺-
-Studies on the effects of rice milling methods on rice flours properties and development a new rice product陳文志; CHEN, WEN-ZHI-
-Studies on the Fine Structure and Physicochemical Properties on Japonica Waxy Rice StarchesLiao, Hsing-Chi; 綺, 廖杏-
-Studies on the grain quality and the physicochemical properties of rice effected by hydrothermo-treatment王建家; WANG, JIAN-JIA-
-Studies on the physicochemical properties and antioxidative activity of germinated brown rice induced by two sources of light許煥祺; Hsu, Huan Chi-
-Studies on the physicochemical properties of heat-moisture treated rice flourCHEN, CHING-YUNG; 陳清源-
-Studies on the resistant starch formation of high amylose rice starch with different emulsifiers added洪和成; Horng, Her-Cherng-
-Study on the effects of physicochemical properties of storage paddy during different degree of milling林煜翔; Lin, Yu-Hsiang-
-不同期作稻米之理心特性與米之新加工產品開發吳淑靜; WU, SHU-JING-
-不同樹薯澱粉之理化性質及製備粉圓品質之探討曾馨誼; Tzeng, Shin-Yi-
-不同熱處理製成之熟米穀粉其理化特性之探討及其產品開發Huang, Yueh-Hua; 黃月花-
-不同直鏈澱粉含量的稻米抗解澱粉之生成及其理化特性探討Cai, Zheng He; 蔡政和-