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-Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae Apx重組次單位蛋白在豬隻之免疫保護效力劉冠志; Liou, Guan-Jhih-
-Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae serotype 10 derived ApxI induces apoptosis in porcine alveolar macrophagesChien, M.S.; 宣詩玲; Chan, Y.Y.; Chen, Z.W.; Wu, C.M.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, T.H.; Lee, W.C.; Yeh, K.S.; Hsuan, S.L.; 廖俊旺; 簡茂盛; 陳德勛-
-Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method for Detection of Aquatic Animal Pathogens on the List of "International Aquatic Animal Health Code"簡茂盛; 黃千衿-
-Application of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method for Detection of Viral Haemorrhagic Septicemia簡茂盛-
-Baculovirus-Derived Hemagglutinin Vaccine Protects Chickens from Lethal Homologous Virus H5N1 ChallengeLin, Y.J.; 簡茂盛; Deng, M.C.; Wu, S.H.; Chen, Y.L.; Cheng, H.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Lee, M.S.; Chien, M.S.; Huang, C.C.-
-Cardiovascular effects of herbicides and formulated adjuvants on isolated rat aorta and heartChan, Y.C.; 宣詩玲; Chang, S.C.; Hsuan, S.C.; Chien, M.S.; Lee, W.C.; Kang, J.J.; Wang, S.C.; Liao, J.W.; 廖俊旺; 簡茂盛; 張仕杰-
-Complete sequence of a subgroup 3.4 strain of classical swine fever virus from TaiwanLin, Y.J.; 簡茂盛; Chien, M.S.; Deng, M.C.; Huang, C.C.-
-The Development and Efficacy of Pseudorbies gI(-) and Recombinant PAR Subunit Bivalent Vaccine劉正義; 簡茂盛; 李維誠-
-The Development and Efficacy of Swine Pseudorabies gE-Deleted Inactivated and Progressive Atrophic Rhinitis Recombinant Subunit PMT Bivalent Vaccine簡茂盛-
-The Development of Attenuated Live Bivalent Vaccine of Salmonella choleraesuis and S. typhimurium簡茂盛-
-Diagnosis and Prevention of Swine Diseases in 11 Pig Farms of Tsc李維誠; 簡茂盛; 黃千衿; 陳德勛-
-E. coli表現之PCV2 ORF2次單位疫苗之效益評估及PRRS病毒在協同引發PCV2相關疾病之角色徐戎成; Hsu, Jung-Cheng-
-Effect of Immunostimulation by Detoxified E. coli Lipopolysaccharide Combined with Inactivated Propionibacterium granulosum Cells on Porcine ImmunityLo, D.Y.; 宣詩玲; Hung, C.N.; Lee, W.C.; Liao, J.W.; Blacklaws, B.A.; Chen, T.H.; Chien, M.S.; Hsuan, S.L.; 廖俊旺; 簡茂盛; 陳德勛-
-The Effects of Classical Swine Fever Virus on Antigen Presentation and Immunoregulation of Swine Dendrtic Cells and the Cloning and Expression of DC-SIGN李維誠; 簡茂盛-
-Effects of dexamethasone on peripheral blood mononuclear cell phenotype in weanling pigletsLo, D.Y.; 簡茂盛; Lee, W.M.; Chien, M.S.; Lin, C.C.; Lee, W.C.; 李衛民-
-The Effects of Intracellular Killing Activity on Host Phagocytes during Salmonella Infection(III)簡茂盛-
-Effects of sugar cane extract on pseudorabies virus challenge of pigsLo, D.Y.; 宣詩玲; Chien, M.S.; Yeh, K.S.; Koge, K.; Lin, C.C.; Hsuan, S.L.; Lee, W.C.; 簡茂盛-
-Effects of sugar cane extract on the modulation of immunity in pigsLo, D.Y.; 簡茂盛; Chen, T.H.; Chien, M.S.; Koge, K.; Hosono, A.; Kaminogawa, S.; Lee, W.C.; 陳德勛-
-The Efficacy and Commercialization of Recombinant Atrophic Rhinitis Subunit Vaccine簡茂盛; 劉正義; 李維誠-
-Efficacy of a novel Pasteurella multocida vaccine against progressive atrophic rhinitis of swineHsuan, S.L.; 宣詩玲; Liao, C.M.; Huang, C.J.; Winton, J.R.; Chen, Z.W.; Lee, W.C.; Liao, J.W.; Chen, T.H.; Chiou, C.J.; Yeh, K.S.; Chien, M.S.; 廖俊旺; 黃千衿; 簡茂盛; 陳德勛-