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-Attachment device of male diving beetles: functional morphology and dynamicsChen, Ying; 陳瑩-
-Biomechanics of sniffing behavior of marine hermit crabs: behavioral patterns of antennular flicking and the hydrodynamic effects曾宏焙; Tseng, Hung-Pei-
-Different functional mechanisms of foot-footpad complex for plantigrade and digitigrade mammals in the context of locomotionChi, K.J.; 紀凱容; Schmitt, D.; Roth, V.L.-
-The effects of wind on trap structural and material properties of a sit-and-wait predatorLiao, C.P.; 紀凱容; Chi, K.J.; Tso, I.M.-
-Fluid Dynamics of Biological Chemosensors紀凱容-
-Inertial Regulation for Wing Deformation and Its Mechanical Effects on Insect Flight紀凱容-
-Pterostigma regulates the dynamic properties of dragonfly wingsChi, K.J.; 紀凱容; Chang, C.T.; Tsai, F.Y.; Shih, M.C.-
-Scaling and mechanics of carnivoran footpads reveal the principles of footpad design紀凱容; Chi, K.J.; Roth, V.L.-
-Skeletal modification in response to flow during growth in colonies of the sea whip, Junceella fragilis紀凱容; Chang, W.L.; Chi, K.J.; Fan, T.Y.; Dai, C.F.-
-The spectral sensitivity variation of compound eye regions and emerged ages of honeybee劉秉純; Liou, Bing-Chun-
-以擴散反應方程重現適合幹細胞生存之環境李昀融; Lee, Yung-Rong-
-獵物營養成分及振動訊號對人面蜘蛛的絲及網性質之影響曾怡璇; Tseng, Yi-Hsuan-
-翅痣對蜻蜓振翅時翅膀形變之影響張家慈; Chung, Chia-Tzu-
-蓋斑鬥魚頭尾展示的行為模式與生物力學探討曾億萍; Tszng, Yi-Ping-
-虎斑烏賊攻擊腕吸盤之脫離過程及其對吸附表現的影響林殿昀; Tien-Yun Lin
-蛇蘚精子傳播的生物力學:精子噴發的運動分析與生態效應王惟聖; Wei-Sheng Wang
-蜻蜓翅膀形變:流體效應與振動調控蔡峰岳; Tsai, Feng-Yueh-
-蜻蜓翅膀結構奈米機械性質量測與有限元分析張敬信; Chang, Ching-Hsin-
-費洛蒙造成螞蟻逃生行為的不對稱性鍾元凱; Chung, Yuan-Kai-