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-Detection and Diagnosis of Geminivirus Diseases in Taiwan胡仲祺-
-Development and Application of Diagnostic Techniques for Animal Diseases張天傑; 楊平政; 劉振軒; 黃千衿; 王孟亮; 費昌勇; 陳石柱; 鄭明珠; 曾浩洋; 張伯俊; 邱賢松; 林永昌; 賴秀穗; 龐飛; 蔡信雄; 劉宏仁; 胡仲祺-
-Development of a Novel Platform Integrating Rolling Circle Amplification and Dipping Strip Technology for the Detection of Viral Nucleic Acids陳信宏; Hsin-Hung Chen
-The Influence of Foreign Genome Fragments on the Pathogenecity and Evolutionary Fitness of Satellite RNA-Based Vector System (I)胡仲祺-
-Label-Free Nucleic Acid Sensors for Detection of Salmonella Based on Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyWang, Yi-Ting; 王怡婷-
-Molecular Characterization and Practical Applications of a Novel Prokaryotic Promoter of Geminiviruses胡仲祺-
-Molecular characterization of a novel geminivirus promoter in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems王蔚甄; Wei-Chen Wang
-Paenibacillus sp. CCRC17245內切型B-1,3-葡萄聚醣水解酶的功能性鑑定鄭月媚; Cheng, Yueh-Mei-
-The Pathogenic Mechanism of Geminiviruses-The Study on the Molecular Mechanism for the Directions of Leaf Curling Induced by Viral C4 Protein胡仲祺-
-The Studies of the Regulation of BaMV Minus-Strand RNA Synthesis and the Functional Gemomics of the Host Responses in BaMV Infection with cDNA-AFLP Technique (III)蔡慶修; 胡仲祺-
-Studies on the influence of host factor PHV on leaf curling symptoms inflicted by different begomoviruses白芸瑋; Yun-Wei Pai
-Studies on the molecular mechanism for modulation of leaf curling symptoms by C4 protein of Ageratum yellow vein virus蔡玉婷; Yu-Ting Tsai
-Studies on the molecular mechanisms of interactions between begomovirus C4 protein and chloroplast photosynthetic oxygen-evolving protein范宜婷; Yi-Ting Fan
-Study on the Genomic and Antigenic Variability of Begomoviruses in Taiwan (III)胡仲祺-
-Study on the Mechanisms of Replication and Encapsidation of Satellite RNAs of Cucumber Mosaic Virus (II)胡仲祺-
-以人造油體蛋白質純化表達系統純化蜂王漿抗菌蛋白質-royalisin黃俊儒; Huang, Jun-Ru-
-以細菌及酵母菌系統探討霍香薊黃脈病毒REn蛋白與病毒編碼其他蛋白間之交互作用陳俊杰; Chen, Chun-Chieh-
-以蕙蘭嵌紋病毒融合蛋白標誌應用於雙生病毒檢測與蛋白質交互作用之研究蔡欣孜; Tsai, Hsin-Tzu-
-具微生物農藥潛力異小桿線蟲共生細菌光桿菌之特性分析謝奉家; Hsieh, Feng-Chia-
-分離自扁蒲的南瓜捲葉病毒感染性選殖株之構築與捲葉病徵因子之分析楊雅文; Yang, Ya-Wen