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-Aerodynamic roughness over an urban area and over two farmlands in a populated area as determined by wind profiles and surface energy flux measurementsTsai, J.L.; 莊秉潔; Tsuang, B.J.-
-Air Quality, Urban Micrometeorology and Land Surface Process (II)莊秉潔-
-Analytical asymptotic solutions to determine interactions between the planetary boundary layer and the Earth's surfaceTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔-
-Application of circuit model for Taipei city PM10 simulationTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Chao, C.P.-
-Assessing the Relationship between Air Mass Age and Summer Ozone Episodes Based on Photochemical IndicesTseng, K.H.; 莊秉潔; Wang, J.L.; Cheng, M.T.; Tsuang, B.J.; 鄭曼婷-
-Compositions and source apportionments of atmospheric aerosol during Asian dust storm and local pollution in central TaiwanCheng, M.T.; 莊秉潔; Chou, W.C.; Chio, C.P.; Hsu, S.C.; Su, Y.R.; Kuo, P.H.; Tsuang, B.J.; Lin, S.H.; Chou, C.C.K.; 鄭曼婷-
-Cool-skin simulation by a one-column ocean modelTu, C.Y.; 莊秉潔; Tsuang, B.J.-
-Data archive strategy for computing the long-term means of nonlinear functions in geophysical problemsTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔-
-Determination of methane and carbon dioxide fluxes during the rice maturity period in Taiwan by combining profile and eddy covariance measurementsTseng, K.H.; 莊秉潔; Tsai, J.L.; Alagesan, A.; Tsuang, B.J.; Yao, M.H.; Kuo, P.H.-
-Determining aerodynamic roughness using tethersonde and heat flux measurements in an urban area over a complex terrainTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Tsai, J.L.; Lin, M.D.; Chen, C.L.; 林明德-
-Estimation the Carrying Capacity of Air Pollutant in Taiwan莊秉潔-
-Evaluations of land-ocean skin temperatures of the ISCCP satellite Retrievals and the NCEP and ERA reanalysesTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Chou, M.D.; Zhang, Y.; Roesch, A.; Yang, K.-
-Ground heat flux determination according to land skin temperature observations from in situ stations and satellitesTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔-
-GTx,TPAQM和MM5模式污染物模擬之比較謝政育; Hsieh, Cheng Yu-
-Long-term spatial distributions and trends of ambient CO concentrations in the central Taiwan BasinLin, Y.C.; 莊秉潔; Lan, Y.Y.; Tsuang, B.J.; Engling, G.-
-Measurements of Aerodynamic Roughness, Bowen Ratio, and Atmospheric Surface Layer Height by Eddy Covariance and Tethersonde Systems Simultaneously over a Heterogeneous Rice PaddyTsai, J.L.; 莊秉潔; Tsuang, B.J.; Lu, P.S.; Chang, K.H.; Yao, M.H.; Shen, Y.-
-Model structure and land parameter identification: An inverse problem approachTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Tu, C.Y.-
-A more accurate scheme for calculating Earth's skin temperatureTsuang, B.J.; 莊秉潔; Tu, C.Y.; Tsai, J.L.; Dracup, J.A.; Arpe, K.; Meyers, T.-
-Observation and Derivation of Land Surface Parameterization over Taiwan and Model Implementaion (III)莊秉潔-
-PM2.5及PM2.5-10氣膠化學組成量測及應用逆軌跡模式分析其污染來源周韋均; Chou, Wei-Chun-