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-1.三氯化鐵在碳-硫鍵交互耦合反應上的應用 2.高效率銅催化炔類與芳香基碘化物之耦合反應林哲弘; Lin, Che-Hung-
-1.不對稱合成(+)-Valienamine 2.探索(-)-Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)的合成途徑葉上銘; Yeh, Shang-Ming-
-1.利用水楊酸配位基進行銅催化氯苯和溴苯與氨水交互耦合反應之研究 2.雌激素對抗劑(DMA)合成之研究連瑞政; Lian, Ruei-Jeng-
-A:具有架橋基之雙紫質分子開關 B:應用於染料敏化太陽能電池之雙紫質合成與特性麥綺倫; Mai, Chi-Lun-
-alpha-胺基酸不對稱合成-由alpha-甲基-反式-肉桂醛製備單環亞胺基內酯及其烷化反應林正坤; Lin, Cheng-Kun-
-C2-軸對稱手性結構類衍生的一種彈性策略: 簡捷途徑合成COTC-Np、 (+)-MK7607、(+)-Lycoricidine、(+)-Valienamine、(+)-Pancratistatin的關鍵中間體,及Conduramine A-1和Conduramine E張元康; Chang, Yuan-Kang-
-Cofacial Porphyrin Dimers-Molecular Sensors, and Catalysts for Asymmetric Oxidation and Small Molecule Activation (I)葉鎮宇-
-Control of Dye Aggregation and Electron Injection for Highly Efficient Porphyrin Sensitizers Adsorbed on Semiconductor Films with Varying Ratios of CoadsorbateLu, H.P.; 葉鎮宇; Tsai, C.Y.; Yen, W.N.; Hsieh, C.P.; Lee, C.W.; Yeh, C.Y.; Diau, E.W.G.-
-Control of magnetic spin states by various mixed anionic ligands in trinickel complexes: synthesis, crystal structures and physical propertiesHuang, M.Y.; 葉鎮宇; Yeh, C.Y.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.-
-Cosensitization of Structurally Simple Porphyrin and Anthracene-Based Dye for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsReddy, Kamani Sudhir K; Chen, Yen-Chiao; Wu, Chih-Chung; Hsu, Chia-Wei; Chang, Ya-Ching; Chen, Chih-Ming; Yeh, Chen-Yu; 葉鎮宇
-Design and characterization of highly efficient porphyrin sensitizers for green see-through dye-sensitized solar cellsLu, H.P.; 葉鎮宇; Mai, C.L.; Tsia, C.Y.; Hsu, S.J.; Hsieh, C.P.; Chiu, C.L.; Yeh, C.Y.; Diau, E.W.G.-
-Design and characterization of porphyrin sensitizers with a push-pull framework for highly efficient dye-sensitized solar cellsWu, S.L.; 葉鎮宇; Lu, H.P.; Yu, H.T.; Chuang, S.H.; Chiu, C.L.; Lee, C.W.; Diau, E.W.G.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-An Extended Metal Chain with the 2,7-Bis(dipyridyldiamino)-1,8-naphthyridine (H(4)bdpdany) Ligand - The Longest Even-Numbered Metal Chain ComplexKuo, J.H.; 葉鎮宇; Tsao, T.B.; Lee, G.H.; Lee, H.W.; Yeh, C.Y.; Peng, S.M.-
-Four quadruple metal-metal bonds lined up: linear nonachromium(II) metal string complexesIsmayilov, R.H.; 葉鎮宇; Wang, W.Z.; Wang, R.R.; Yeh, C.Y.; Lee, G.H.; Peng, S.M.-
-Highly conjugated multiporphyrins: synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical propertiesHuang, T.H.; 葉鎮宇; Chen, Y.J.; Lo, S.S.; Yen, W.N.; Mai, C.L.; Kuo, M.C.; Yeh, C.Y.-
-Highly Efficient Mesoscopic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Based on Donor-Acceptor-Substituted PorphyrinsBessho, T.; 葉鎮宇; Zakeeruddin, S.M.; Yeh, C.Y.; Diau, E.W.G.; Gratzel, M.-
-(I)以二氯甲烷及四氯化碳衍生的“類亞甲體”導引羰基烯化和烯類及酯類的三元環化 (II)以1,1-二氯乙烯直接將酮丙烯化 (III)(+)-Retronecine 的合成研究簡敬庭; Chien, Ching-Ting-
-Linear and cyclic tetranuclear copper(I) complexes containing anions of N,N'-bis(pyrimidine-2-yl)formamidineChan, Z.K.; 葉鎮宇; Wu, Y.Y.; Chen, J.D.; Yeh, C.Y.; Wang, C.C.; Tsai, Y.F.; Wang, J.C.-
-Narcissus Alkaloids的合成研究蔡平貴; Tasi, Ping-Gwai-
-New synthesis of zinc tetrakis(arylethynyl) porphyrins and substituent effects on their redox chemistryKuo, M.C.; 葉鎮宇; Li, L.A.; Yen, W.N.; Lo, S.S.; Lee, C.W.; Yeh, C.Y.-