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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-An Analysis of Ransom's 'Piazza Piece'董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-
-An Analytical Study of Coleridge's Conversation PoemsLiu, Yu-Fen; 劉郁芬-
-Banks' Return to the Shore of Chora : A Psychoanalytic Reading of Ishiguro''s When We Were Orphans黃俐禎; Huang, Li-Jhen-
-Blake's Dialectical Vision董崇選
-The Dichotomy of Imagination董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-
-The Father Influences on Stephen, the Artist董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-
-The Four Linguistic Spaces of Poetry董崇選; Tung, Chung-hsuan-
-Is the Author "Dead" Already﹖董崇選
-The Jew and the Moor: Shakespeare's Racial Vision董崇選
-The Nietzschean and Foucauldean Prospero: Shakespeare's Vision of Power董崇選
-The One Virtue among the Many Values: Pope, Neoclassicism, and Satire巫雅燕; Wu, Ya-yen-
-Ryder''s "Stream of Unconsciousness" : A Psychoanalytic Reading of Ishiguro''s The Unconsoled蔡幸靜; Tsai, Hsing-Ching-
-Shakespeare's "One-Word Play": "Nature" in King Lear董崇選
-A Study of English Romantic OdesTsai, Gung-Ji; 蔡恭吉-
-The Theory and Practice of Teaching Literary Creation in Our Country董崇選; 徐照華-
-The Two Lears: Shakespeare's Humanist Vision of Nature董崇選
-Wordsworth's Sense of Place董崇選