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-B/Ag底層對於FePt薄膜影響其磁性質及微結構之研究林峮玄; Lin, Chiun-Shiuan-
-Coercivity variation in exchange-coupled Fe/FePt bilayer with perpendicular magnetizationTsai, J.L.; 蔡佳霖; Tzeng, H.T.; Liu, B.F.-
-CrRu-C以及MgTiTaON多層膜對於FePt微結構與磁特性之探討吳昱霆; Yu-Ting Wu
-CrRu-C以及MgTiTaON多層膜對於FePt微結構與磁特性之探討吳昱霆; Yu-Ting Wu
-Cu3Ge薄膜之熱穩定性與微結構研究Wang, Jui-Meng; 王瑞盟-
-Domain Wall Assisted Magnetization Reversal Process and Magnetoresistance of Perpendicular Anisotropic Fe/Fe-Pt Films蔡佳霖-
-Effect of Pd Buffer and Interlayer on the Magnetic Properties of CoCrPt-Oxide Granular Thin FilmsJai Lin Tsai; 蔡佳霖; Chen Pi; Yuan Shuo Chang; Yu Ting Wu; Yu Ren Chen; Ching Wei Chang; Gaspare Varvaro
-Evolution of microstructure, residual stress, and texture in FePt films during rapid thermal annealingS.N. Hsiao; L.H. Chen; S.H. Liu; J.L. Tsai; H.Y. Lee; 蔡佳霖
-Fabrication and Application of Anisotropic Fe-X (X=Pt, Co) Sputtered Films with Highly Recording Density and Energy Product蔡佳霖-
-Fe3+/HCO3-/CO32- 水溶液化成法於純鎂表面製備具軟磁性可導磁層之研究Chen, Chieh-Hung; 陳玠宏-
-FePt(B4C-Ag)及FePt(BOx-Ag)顆粒薄膜之磁性與微結構研究蔡文傑; Tsai, Wen-Chieh-
-FePt-(B-Ag)顆粒薄膜之磁性與微結構研究黃健強; Huang, Jian-Chiang
-FePt-(B-Ag)顆粒薄膜之磁性與微結構研究黃健強; Huang, Jian-Chiang-
-The Island-Like, Patterned L10 FePt Film Intrinsic Distribution of Magnetic Anisotropy Effect on Magentic Recording Media蔡佳霖-
-Magnetic and Microstructural Properties of [FePt–Mg(Ti, Ta, Zr, Nb, B)O] Granular FilmsJ. L. Tsai; 蔡佳霖; Y. R. Chen; C. Pi; Y. T. Wu; G. Varvaro; C. W. Chang
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of (001) oriented Ag/FePt, Ag/FePt/Ag filmsTsai, J.L.; 蔡佳霖; Lin, G.B.; Tzeng, H.T.-
-Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of FePt Films With MgTiON Intermediate Layer蔡佳霖; Jai Lin Tsai; Hsu Kang Li; Zu Yu Pan; Yuan Shuo Chang; Yu Ren Chen; Chen Pi; Yu Ting Wu; Ching Wei Chang
-Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of FePt(BN, Ag, C) FilmsJai-Lin Tsai; 蔡佳霖; Yu-Ren Chen; Jyun-You Chen; Ting-Wei Hsu; Cheng Dai; Chia-Jen Hsu
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of FePt-Ag2Se particulate films and exchange-coupled Fe/FePt-Ag2Se films戴學暐; Tai, Hsueh-Wei-
-Magnetic properties and microstructure of FePtC films with TiOC/MoC combined intermediate layerJai-Lin Tsai; Keng-Chun Hu; Jie-Lin Tzeng; 蔡佳霖