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-Analysis of competitive strategy with local production and local consumption organizations in TaiwanBi-Kun Tsai; Tang-Ping Chen; Hsiao-Yuan Lu; Chi-Ming Hsieh; 蔡必焜; 陳唐平; 呂筱媛; 謝奇明
-The Analysis of Leisure Participation Categories of High School Teachers鍾秉珊; Chung, Ping-Shan-
-A Research on Impacts of Extraversion and Sensation Seeking on Tourist Role李正宇; Li, Cheng-Yu-
-A Research on the Relationships between Leisure Volunteering Participation and Mental HealthLee, Hsiao-Ting; 李曉婷-
-The Responding Strategies of Home-Stay Managers in Puli for the Operation of 6th National Highway沈茗瑋; Shen, Ming-Wei-
-The Study of Demand on The Certification of Origin and Regional Marketing: A Case Study of Persimmon Crop in Heping District, TaichungKang-Chi Tseng; Bi-Kun Tsai; Tang-Ping Chen; Shiann-Gwo Jeang; Chi-Ming Hsieh; 曾康綺; 蔡必焜; 陳唐平; 蔣憲國謝奇明
-A study on agricultural survey efficiency using different surveying systems周育正; Yu-Cheng Chen
-A study on factors affecting vegetable farmers' reused intention with biopesticide Bacillus thuringiensis熊怡晴; Yi-Ching Hsiung
-A Study on Service Quality, Tourist Satisfaction and Behavior Intension in Leisure Farming ParkHuang, Jian-Yan; 黃建嚴-
-A study on service satisfaction for economic sector customers of local farmers' associations洪璿哲; Xuan-Zhe Hong
-A study on the behavioural intention of farmers to adopt safe and high quality agriculture management model翁靖涵; JING-HAN WENG
-Time Perspective and Recreation Experience Preference of High School TeachersLiu, Wei-Hung; 劉偉宏-
-休閒農業區組織運作、資源共享與環境管理對營運績效之研究楊喬鈞; Cioa-Jyun Yang
-休閒農業區經營者社會資本、合作績效與未來合作意願關係之研究Li, Ting-Chia; 李挺嘉-
-制度信任、知覺品質與購買意圖之研究-以產銷履歷驗證商品之消費者為例梁漢偉; Liang, Han-Wei
-基層農會創新經濟業務及其績效之研究-以信義鄉農會梅子夢工廠為例李俊彥; Lee, Jiun-Yne-
-影響腸胃道保健食品再購行為之決定因素研究魏建榆; Chien-Yu Wei
-影響雲林縣農民採用國家及地方農產品雙標章之因素研究施玉芳; Yu-Fang Shih
-水資源環境教育之執行與成效分析-以台水深溝環教中心為例楊肇偉; Chao-Wei Yang
-消費者生活型態與購買通路對保健食品選擇之影響黃柏閔; P0-Min Huang