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-Adaptive communication-induced checkpointing protocols with domino-effect freedomTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強; Lin, C.Y.; Kuo, S.Y.-
-Analysis and Simulation Comparisons of Communication-Induced Checkpointing Protocols (I)蔡智強-
-BLE 4.0智慧聯網之分時連結技術劉淞傑; Sung-Chieh Liu
-A Consensus Protocol for the Byzantine-Recovery Failure Model in Synchronous Systems蔡智強-
-Design and Development of a Distributed Structure for Electric Vehicle/Scooter Charging Stations蔡智強-
-Development of an Intelligent File-Downloading Takeover Mechanism for an Internet Broadband Router蔡智強-
-Distributed multi-objective cross-layer optimization with joint hyperlink and transmission mode scheduling in network coding-based wireless networksJain-Shing Liu; Jichiang Tsai; 蔡智強
-Distributed trigger counting algorithms for arbitrary network topologyChe-Cheng Chang; Jichiang Tsai; 蔡智強-
-An efficient index-based checkpointing protocol with constant-size control information on messagesTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強-
-End-User Handover Techniques of Next-Generation Mobile Communication Networks蔡智強-
-H.264/AVC畫框內預測之超大型積體電路架構設計與實現柯彥吉; Ken, Yen-Chi-
-IEEE 802.11無線網路上以存取點引導之交遞方法陳悅真; Chen, Yueh-Chen-
-Investigation on Performance of DEF and RDT Checkpointing Protocols蔡智強-
-IXP425平台上之遠端監控伺服器詹俊瑋; Chan, Chun-Wei-
-Linux叢集系統負載平衡閘道器ONE-IP機制實作謝明麟; Hsieh, Ming Lin-
-Linux系統上檢查點機制之開發林建明; Lin, Gen-Ming-
-LTE-A 異質網路無線資源分配之貪婪演算法模擬與分析李晉瑋; Jin-Wei Lee
-LTE-A小型基地台網路之聯合無線資源管理貪婪演算法于思耘; Si-Yun Yu
-LTE系統之動態分配資源的下行QoS機制Chen, Yu-Hua; 陳俞樺-
-More properties of communication-induced checkpointing protocols with rollback-dependency trackabilityTsai, J.C.; 蔡智強; Kuo, S.Y.; Wang, Y.M.-