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-Effects of sputtering power on microstructure and mechanical properties of TiVCr filmsDu-Cheng Tsai; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Yu-Shiuan Deng; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 蔡篤承
-Influence of deposition parameters on the structure and optical property of Zn(S,O) films蔡篤承; Du-Cheng Tsai; Bing-Hau Kuo; Zue-Chin Chang; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu-
-Structural, electro-optical, and mechanical properties of reactively sputtered (TiZrHf)N coatingsDu-Cheng Tsai; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Erh-Chiang Chen; Yung-Cheng Liu; Fuh-Sheng Shieu; 蔡篤承
-Thickness dependence of the structural, electrical, and optical properties of amorphous indium zinc oxide thin filmsDu-Cheng Tsai; 蔡篤承; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Yu-Hong Wang; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu
-TiVCr基多元薄膜製備、性質與應用研究蔡篤承; Tsai, Du-Cheng-
-Wide variation in the structure and physical properties of reactively sputtered (TiZrHf)N coatings under different working pressuresDu-Cheng Tsai; 蔡篤承; Zue-Chin Chang; Bing-Hau Kuo; Bo-Cheng Chen; Erh-Chiang Chen; Fuh-Sheng Shieu
-用於燃料電池之膜電極組薛富盛; 趙文愷; 蔡篤承; 李志明; 梁仕昌-