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-(1) 香菇脂氧合 之毄純化及其特性之探討 (2) 香菇調味醬料開發之研究黃淑琴; HUANG, SHU-QIN-
-1.Detection of Cooked-Food Mutagens in Canned Foods and Boiled Pork Juice Model System and Their Mechanisms of Mutagen Formation 2.Antimutagenicity of Flavonoid and Anthraquinone Derivatives Against IQ: Structure-Activity Relationships輝, 李-
-Antimutagenicity of flavonoid and anthraquinone derivatives against IQ: structure-activity relationships and action mechanismsLI, HUI; 李輝-
-Effect of garlic oil and its active principles-vinyldithiins on the detoxification capability, antioxidation system and AFB1-induced DNA damage of primary rat hepatocytes陳宏彬; Chen, Hung-Pin-
-Effects of basil and tree-basil oils on the glutathione-related antioxidation and detoxification system in primary rat hepatocytesHuang, Shiao-Yuan; 黃曉元-
-Effects of creatinine,reducing sugar,amino acid changes in quantities on the IQ type mutagen formation of pork during storage and processing楊宜松; Yang, Yi-Song-
-Effects of creatinine,reducing sugar,amino acid changes in quantities on the IQ type mutagen formation of pork during storage and processingYang, Yi-Song; 楊宜松-
-Effects of several chemical compounds in Chinese-style sauce on the rheological behaviours of potato starch pasteLIN, YU-PING; 林宇平-
-Inhibitory effect of antioxidants and allium's sulfurous compounds in the pork model systems and promotion effect of thiazoles in the thiazoles/acetylformaldehyde/creatinine model system on the formation of IQ-type mutagens游漢章; Yu, Han-Chang-
-Molecular Mchanisms of Quercetin on Inhibition of Cytochrome P4501A1 Gene Expression by Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Pathway康志強; Kang, Zhi-Chyang-
-Pasting and colloidal behaviors of several starches in hinese cuisine saucesHUANG, ZHONG-ZHANG; 黃宗墇-
-Plastein 在凍結乾燥中之保香效果蔡順仁
-Plastein在水分散系中之保香效果蔡順仁; 顏國欽
-Preliminary studies on manufacture of natural seasoning bases from egg white hydrolysatesZHANG, HUI-XIANG; 張惠香-
-Preparation and properties of shallot oleoresin microcapsules林心怡; LIN, SHIN-YI-
-The preparation of low phenylalanine formula by plastein reaction for pku patientLIN, SHU-YUAN; 林淑媛-
-Studies on effects of creatinine, reducing sugars and free amino acids changes in quantities on food mutagen formation and the characteristics of their Maillard reaction products of chicken meat durin黃國基; Huang, Kuo-Chi-
-Studies on physiological effects of water extract of welsh onion on platelet and blood vessel and its bioactive components陳佳慧-
-Studies on the characteristics of taste-active components in shiitake mushroom and the powderization of its concentrate林淑瑗; LIN, SHU-YUAN-