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-2018臺中花博舉辦地環境地形先期調查:利用無人飛行載具與空載光達技術Yu-Shen Hsiao; Bo-Hsien Su; Da-Xian Zhuang; Su-Chin Chen; 蕭宇伸; 蘇柏軒; 莊大賢; 陳樹群
-Accuracy analyses of environmental topography obtained from unmanned aerial vehicle system(UAS) – A Case Study in the campus of National Chung Hsing University蘇柏軒; Bo-Hsien Su
-Accuracy analyses of UAS-derived 3Dtopography in the campus of National Chung Hsing University蘇柏軒; 蕭宇伸; Bo-Hsien Su; Yu-Shen Hsiao
-Analysis of Accuracy for UAV-derived Topography from a GoPro CameraChieh-Cheng Pai; Yi-Cheng Liu; Yu-Shen Hsiao; Hui-Pang Lien; Ping-Hsien Lin; 白絜成; 劉益誠; 蕭宇伸; 連惠邦; 林秉賢
-Analysis of accuracy for UAV-derived topography from a GoPro camera.白絜成; Chieh-Cheng Pai
-The Analysis of Landslide Susceptibility in Shenmu by BGR and NIR Photographs Derived from UAV莊大賢; Da-Xian Zhuang
-Dangerous Rating of Flood Prone Areas-A Case Study of Hillside in Chunghua County蕭宇伸; 田仲傑; 彭思顯; Yu-Shen Hsiao; Chung-Chieh Tien; Szu-Hsien Peng
-Detection of Ground Surface Deformation from Temporarily Coherent Point SAR Interferometry: A Case Study in Chianan PlainChiang-Sheng Chi; Yu-Shen Hsiao; Wei-Chia Hung; 季強昇; 蕭宇伸; 洪偉嘉
-Detection of Ground Surface Deformation from Temporarily Coherent Point SAR Interferometry: A case study in Chiayi and Tainan季強昇; Chiang-Sheng Chi
-Determination of Landslide Susceptibilities Using UAV-Borne RGB and NIR images: A Case Study of Shenmu Area in TaiwanYu-Shen Hsiao; Ta-Hsien Chung; Su-Chin Chen; Jung-Chieh Chang; 蕭宇伸; 莊大賢; 陳樹群; 張榮傑
-Estimation of Sediment Variation by Gravimetry estimation:A case study in Tseng Wen Reservoir向雲謙; Yun-Chen Shiang
-Feasibility Analyses of River Sediment Estimation and Mountain Mapping by UAV TechniquesWei Chang; Yu-Shen Hsiao; Jung-Chieh Chang; 張崴; 蕭宇伸; 張榮傑
-Feasibility Assessment of Heavy Rainfall Forecasting using Global Positioning System–Derived Zenith Total DelaysTzu-Pang Tseng; Yu-Shen Hsiao; Li-Chun Tseng; 曾子榜; 蕭宇伸; 曾莉鈞
-High-resolution depth and coastline over major atolls of South China Sea from satellite altimetry and imageryYu-Shen Hsiao; Cheinway Hwang; Yung-Sheng Cheng; Liang-Chien Chen; Hung-Jui Hsu; Jung-Huo Tsai; Chien-Liang Liu; Ching-Chieh Wang; Ya-Chi Liu; Yu-Chi Kao; 蕭宇伸-
-Land Use Classification at Hillside Areas in Tainan: A Case Study in 600 Lands of Nansi and Danei DistrictsYu-Shen Hsiao; Yu-Lai Lai; Yi Chang; 蕭宇伸; 賴昱來; 張翊
-The Preliminary Study of Estimating Groundwater Change Based on Gravimetry and Electrical Resistivity TomographyYu-Shen Hsiao; Chun-Min Shih; Jung-Chieh Chang; 蕭宇伸; 施純民; 張榮傑
-Shipborne gravity estimation from the combination of inertial measurement unit(IMU) and global positioning system (GPS)王偉龍; Wei-Lung Wang
-Surface Displacement Monitoring on Landslide Susceptible Areas by Low-Cost GPS techniqueYu-Shen Hsiao; Chih-Cing Hsu; 徐志磬; 蕭宇伸
-以GPS天頂向總延遲量預估大雨之可行性評估Li-Chun Tseng; 曾莉鈞
-以低價GPS接收儀(GPS-721-MRTU)進行崩塌潛勢區地表位移監測徐志磬; Chih-Cing Hsu