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-(94年度)中南區奈米科技K-12教育發展中心薛富盛; 呂福興; 吳宗明-
-Acidic hydrolysis of a poly(vinyl acetate) matrix by the catalytic effect of Ag nanoparticles and the micellization of Ag-metal-containing polymerHuang, C.J.; 薛富盛; Shieu, F.S.; Hsieh, W.P.; Chang, T.C.-
-Advanced Applications and Improvement of Optoelectronic Properties of Multi-Component Oxynitride Films upon High-Entropy Effect薛富盛-
-Anisotropic relaxation Behavior of Compressive residual stress in delafossite CuAlO2Yu, R.S.; 薛富盛; Tasi, D.C.; Chu, R.S.; Huang, C.J.; Shieu, F.S.-
-The Application of Coating Technique in the Optimization of Water Management of Pemfc薛富盛-
-Application of Thin Film End Terminations in Multi-layer Ceramic Capacitors蕭毓哲; Hsiau, Yuh-Jer-
-CF4 plasma treatment for preparing gas diffusion layers in membrane electrode assembliesPai, Y.H.; 薛富盛; Ke, J.H.; Huang, H.F.; Lee, C.M.; Jyh-Myng, Z.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characteristics and Applications of High Wettability Membrane Electrode Assembly薛富盛-
-Characteristics and Mechanisms of Simultaneous Vibration Welding郭哲瑋; Kuo, Che-Wei-
-Characteristics of a 10 nm-thick (TiVCr)N multi-component diffusion barrier layer with high diffusion resistance for Cu interconnectsTsai, D.C.; 張守一; Huang, Y.L.; Lin, S.R.; Jung, D.R.; Chang, S.Y.; Chang, Z.C.; Deng, M.J.; Shieu, F.S.; 薛富盛-
-Characteristics of The Thinned Eectrode Materials Prepared by Optimum Process薛富盛-
-Characteristics of TiVCrAlZr multi-element nitride films prepared by reactive sputteringChang, Z.C.; 薛富盛; Liang, S.C.; Han, S.; Chen, Y.K.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characteristics of Zinc Oxide Crystallites Deposited on ITO for Dye-sensitized Solar CellsHuang, C.J.; 薛富盛; Chao, W.K.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characteristics of ZnO thin films prepared by acidic sol methodHuang, C.J.; 薛富盛; Yao, H.C.; Chiu, M.C.; Yu, R.S.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characterization and Applications of ZrNx Thin Films Prepared by Dual Ion Beam SputteringLu, Chih-Jung; 盧志榮-
-Characterization and Fabrication of Nickel and Nickel Oxide Nanowires using Aluminum Oxide as Templates陳秋傑-
-Characterization and formation mechanism of macroparticles in arc ion-plated CrN thin filmsShiao, M.H.; 薛富盛; Chang, Z.C.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characterization and optoelectronic properties of p-type N-doped CuAlO2 filmsYu, R.S.; 薛富盛; Liang, S.C.; Lu, C.J.; Tasi, D.C.; Shieu, F.S.-
-Characterization and Processing of Sputtered Dielectric Coatings on Flexible Substrates (II)薛富盛-
-Characterization and Processing of Sputtered Dielectric Coatings on Flexible Substrates(III)薛富盛-