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-Analyzing Sectoral Dynamics of Technological Development from the Perspective of Patent Assignee朱彥慈; Yen-Tzu, Chu
-Assessing innovation capability of industry through patented technologies- case for Taiwan康晴雯; Ching-Wen Kang
-Assessing the Value of Internationalized Inventive Activities邱健哲; Chien-Che Chiu
-Collaborative and Legal Dynamics of International R&D- Evolving Patterns in East Asia蘇信寧; Hsin-Ning Su
-Does innovation respond to climate change? Empirical evidence from patents and greenhouse gas emissions蘇信寧; Hsin-Ning Su; Igam M. Moaniba
-Evaluating Correlation between Firm's Patent Characteristics and Market Value陸綵格; Tsai-Ge Lu
-Evaluating the Impact of Patent Characteristics and Patent Litigation Probability on Firm Performance – The Case of Pharmaceutical Industry李卓恆; Cho-Heng Michael Lee
-Global Interdependence of Collaborative R&D-Typology and Association of International Co-Patenting蘇信寧; Hsin-Ning Su
-Investigating Technological Innovation Capability by the use of patent-based indicators - A global comparison林佳韻; Jia-Yun Lin
-Investigating the dynamics of interdisciplinary evolution in technology developments蘇信寧; Hsin-Ning Su; Igam M. Moaniba
-Using Patent Litigation Data to Identify High- Value Software Technology Areas and Find Potential Partners李小喬; Joseph Lee
-美國爭端專利競爭市場之特徵分析巫胤璇; Wu, Yin-Hsuan-