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-3D電腦視覺變位觀測系統用於集水井之變形觀測Han-Lun Chen; 陳漢倫
-Application of 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry for Space Debris Variation-The Case of The Slope Below in Teng Jhih Forest Road 3.5KChen, Yan-Long; 陳燕龍-
-Application of Time Domain Reflectometry Technology to Quantification of Reflected Waveforms on Coaxial Cables with Shear and Extension TestsYu-Shu Lin; Shei-Chen Ho; Jun-Yang Chen; I-Hui Chen; Miau-Bin Su; 林育樞; 何學承; 陳俊仰; 陳毅輝; 蘇苗彬
-Application of Time Domain Reflectometry to Quantify Values of TDR Coaxial Cable WaveformLin, Yu-Shu; 林育樞-
-The Assessment of Landslide Displacements Using Digital Photogrammetry林峻德; 張光宗; 蘇苗彬; Chun-Te Lin; Kuang-Tsung Chang
-Development and Application of Techniques for Sliding Surface Monitoring (I)蘇苗彬-
-Discussion on "Occurrence model of Debris Flows Triggered by Water Power"蘇苗彬; Miau-Bin Su-
-Estimation on Behavior of Slopeland Disaster and Sediment Distribution and Variation using Digital Aerial PhotogrammetryYu-Shu Lin; Hsueh-Cheng Ho; Miau-Bin Su; 林育樞; 何學承; 蘇苗彬
-Evaluating the Efficiency of Subsurface Drainage Systems during Large LandslidesDer-Guey Lin; Kuo-Ching Chang; Eugene Choo; Miau-Bin Su; 林德貴; 張國欽; 朱家勁; 蘇苗彬
-GPS作大面積地滑地區測量之初步研究蔡榮富; Fu, Tsai Rung-
-Investigation on Debris Flow Triggered by LiquefactionYuh-Jyh Chen; 陳育志; Miau-Bin Su; 蘇苗彬-
-Recap of Slope Failure in Lincoln Residential Construction Project Using Numerical Analysis MethodMiau-Bin Su; 蘇苗彬; Bor-Shun Huang; Der-Guey Lin; 黃伯舜; 林德貴
-The Relationship of Landslide Characteristic Factors between Landslide Ratio and DepthsWang, Yen-Ping; 王雁平-
-Stability Analysis of Rock Slopes蘇苗彬; M.B. Su; 秦繼孔; J.K. Chyn-
-A study for the suitability of single cadastral unit as the identification and classification of "land use capability for slopelands"Huang, Sheng-Tang; 黃勝堂-
-A Study on Runoff Characteristics and Sediment Transport of Slopeland Urbanization ( I ):Hydrological Observation and Data Analysis林致遠; Chih-Yuan Lin; 何智武; 蘇苗彬; Chih-Wu Ho; Maiu-Bin Su
-A Study on the Prevention of Slumping of Reservoirs Side-Slope蘇苗彬-
-Study on the Selected Point with Sampling and Experiment Method蘇苗彬; 陳旺志-
-TDR岩層滑動監測的新方法建立M. B. Su; 蘇苗彬; The-tin Chen; H. L. Wu; 陳德天; 吳輝龍
-Technical Manual of Decision of Groundwater Usage黃添坤; 徐登文; 蘇苗彬; 陳榮松-