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-AlGaN/GaN MOS-HEMTs with Corona-Discharge Plasma Treatment袁碩璜; Shuo-Huang Yuan; Feng-Yeh Chang; Dong-Sing Wuu; Ray-Hua Horng
-Effects of high substrate temperature during pulsed laser deposition on the quality of aluminum-doped gallium oxide and its photodetector characteristicsShuo-Huang Yuan; 袁碩璜; Sin-Liang Ou; Chao-Chun Wang; Shiau-Yuan Huang; Chien-Ming Chen; Ku-Yen Lin; Yi-An Chen; Dong-Sing Wuu
-Improved Responsivity Drop From 250 to 200 nm in Sputtered Gallium Oxide Photodetectors by Incorporating Trace AluminumShuo-Huang Yuan; 袁碩璜; Chao-Chun Wang; Shiau-Yuan Huang; Dong-Sing Wuu