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-Application of 3D Scanning and Photogrammetry for Space Debris Variation-The Case of The Slope Below in Teng Jhih Forest Road 3.5KChen, Yan-Long; 陳燕龍-
-Application of Environment Risk Rate Concept on Classification and Re-examation of Slopeland Utilization Limitation游元興; You, Yuan-Shing-
-Application of rainfall erosion index to investigate the suitable construction months for slopeland development and calculate the temporary sedimentation amoutntChen, Yen-Cheng; 陳彥丞-
-Application of Variation method to Slope Stability AnalysisPeter J. L. Sheu; 許中立; Cheng-Yi Lee; 李正義
-The Debris Flow Screening Efficiency of the Screen Device with the Different Individual Clear Infiltration SpacingChen, Jeng-De; 陳政德-
-The Effect of Regional Governments Deal With Debris Flow Disaster PreparednessFang, Yu-Chih; 方有治-
-Effects of Different Tire-Surfaces and Impact Position on Cushion Efficiency of Wasted-Tireschou, wei-di; 周偉諦-
-The Impaction Study on Cushion Effect and Deflection of Used-TiresLu, Cheng-Yi; 呂政義-
-Investigation of Disaster Prevention Mechanism and Ability in TaiwanChu, Kun-Han; 褚坤翰-
-Investigation of improving policy on mountain area inundated problem-Toushe Living Basin in Yuchih Township Nantou County as an example王淑英; Wang, Shu-Ying-
-The Investigation of Landslide Pattern on Bamboo Forests陳燿榮; Chen, Yao-Jung-
-The Issue of The Scale for the Simplified Soil and Water Conservation Statement洪玉菁; Hung, Yu-Ching-
-The Relationship of Landslide Characteristic Factors between Landslide Ratio and DepthsWang, Yen-Ping; 王雁平-
-Sediment trapping benefits by check dams and strategies on dam removalWu, Yung-Sheng; 吳永勝-
-A study for the suitability of single cadastral unit as the identification and classification of "land use capability for slopelands"Huang, Sheng-Tang; 黃勝堂-
-A Study of Groundwater Characteristics at Way-An Landslide area謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Shieh; 許中立; 李正義; Peter J. L. Sheu; Cheng-Yi Lee
-Study on the Initiation Mechanism of Debris-Flow Along the Gravel SlopeWu, Jen-Ming; 吳仁明-
-Study on the Jwo-Shoei alley landslide slope stability with application of the finite element analysis method許中立; XU, ZHONG-LI-
-一項新移動式機組在河道斷面變化量測之開發及初步應用趙俊恩; Chao, Chun-En-
-以AnnAGNPS推估大湖溪集水區泥砂產量之研究劉建昌; Liou, Jian-Chang-