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-Changes in Water Chemistry of Precipitation Passing through Three Forests of the Guandaushi Forest EcosystemLIU , CHIUNG-PIN; 劉瓊霦-
-Changes of Water Content and Storage Materials in Seed of Pongamia Pinnate During germinationMei-Ching Chen; Bor-Hung Sheu; 陳美清; 許博行
-Effects of Chilling on the Growth of Kawakami fir Seedling潘德發; 許博行; Der-Fa Pan; Bor-Hung heu
-Effects of CO2 on Seeding Growth and Photosynthetic Rate of Cinnmomun camphora許博行-
-Effects of Different Soil Media on the growth of Chinese Guger-Tree Seedlings沈姿如; 盧昕玗; 許博行; Tsu-Ru Shen; Hsing-Yu Lu; Bor-Hung Sheu
-Effects of Nitrogen Sources on Growth and Physiological Responses of Scaevola sericea and Messerschmidia argentea Seedlings劉銘煌; Liu, Ming-Hwang-
-Experiment on Hastening Germination and Storage of India-Charcoal Trema(Ⅱ)許博行; 張峻德; Bor-Hung Sheu; Chun-Te Chang
-Experiments on Hastening Germination of Scaevola Sericea廖芳瑾; 許哲峰; 許博行; Fang-Chinne Liao; Jer-Fang Sheu; Bor-Hung Sheu
-Factors Affecting the Combustion and Ashing of Bamboo劉瓊霦; 許博行; Shio-Tsou Chang; Yih-Shyong Hwan; King-TsuenWu
-Propagation of Taiwan Yew by Semi-lignified Stem CuttingsBor-Hung Sheu; 許博行
-Propagation of Taiwan Yew by Stem Cutting(I)Bor-Hung Sheu; Chun-Te Chang; 許博行; 張峻德
-The Relationship between Seedling Morphologies and Physiological Traits of “Michelia compressa”鍾欣芸; 劉恩妤; 劉瓊霦; 許博行; Hsin-Yun Chung; En-U Lin; Chiung-Ping Liu; Bor-Hung Sheu
-Studies on Leaf Development and chlorophyll Contents of Pongamia pinnata Seedlings邱暉育; 許博行; Huei-Yuh Chiou; Bor-Hung Sheu
-Study on the Taxonomic Identity of Schima superba var. superba and S.superba var. kankaoensis by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA(RA PD)沈姿如; Shen, Zi-Ru-
-Using Vector Analysis to Assess the Nutrient Status of Lumnitzera racemosa Seedlings under Different Salinities范貴珠; 許博行
-The Water Chemistry of Precipitation and Streamwater at Guandaushi Forest Watershed劉瓊霦; 許博行; Cheng-Pin Liu; Bor-Hung Sheu
-不同海拔天然闊葉林林地養分聚積及枯落物養分的輸入呂淑瑋; Lu, Shu-Wei-
-二氧化硫長期污染下木荷苗木生理性狀之反應潘德發; PAN, DE-FA-
-二氧化碳和溫度對木荷苗木生長及生理反應之影響林敬凱; Lin, Ching-Kai-