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-(16th Annual International Conference of the International Association for Energy Economics, III:9-023~9-039)Energy Intensity in Taiwan's Industrial Sectors: Divisia Index vs. Laspeyres IndexHsu, G. J. Y.; I.C. Hsu-
-(1995海峽兩岸能源研討會論文集, p049-p068)台灣能源政策之回顧與展望許志義-
-(2000全球經濟展望, p099-p118)從729與921大停電事件談永續發展策略許志義-
-(2000年民間環保政策白皮書, p153-p167)從729與921大停電事件論台灣永續發展策略許志義-
-(20th Annual North American Conference, p354-p364)Simulating the Effect of CO2 Emission Reduction in TaiwanWang, K. M; G. J. Y. Hsu; T. W. Kuo-
-3D列印應用於智慧醫療之關鍵因素探討林芮稼; Jui-Chia Lin
-(921災後電力重建研討會會議實錄, p015-p064)從729與921停電事故探討台灣電業發展策略許志義-
-(Applied Economics Letters, 14(11):821-827)Measuring Efficiency of Domestic Banks in Taiwan: Application of Data Envelopment Analysis and Malmquist IndexLin, Y. H.; G. J. Y. Hsu; J. K. Hsiao
-Asia Pacific Energy Issues in the Next DecadeHsu, G. J. Y.-
-(Conference on Energy Economics, p085-p097)Energy Economic Models for Taiwan: A Methodological ComparisonHsu, G. J. Y.-
-The Cost of Power Outages on Taiwan's IndustryHsu, G. J. Y.-
-A Critical Review and Update of the Economics of MPOPHsu, G. J. Y.-
-Crude Oil Price Forecasting: A Bayesian Simultaneous Equations ApproachHsu, G. J. Y.; Y. M. Hong-
-An Economic Analysis on the Long-term Power Development Alternatives in TaiwanHsu, G. J. Y.; T. Y. Chen-
-Economic Evaluation of Major Construction ProjectsHsu, G. J. Y.-
-Economic Impacts of Information Technology on Taiwan's Finance SectorChen, C. C.; G. J. Y. Hsu; C. K. Hsiao-
-(Economic Papers, 181:p001-p035)An Assessment of Impact of CO2 Mitigation in TaiwanHsu, G. J. Y.; T. Y. Chen-
-Electric Power Industry Reform in Taiwan: Issues and PerspectivesHsu, G. J. Y.-
-Electricity Restructuring, Environmental Sustainability, and Energy PolicyHsu, G. J. Y.-
-Electricity Use in Taiwan's Service SectorHsu, G. J. Y.-