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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Action Research of Cooperative Learning for a Teacher-An Example of Mathematical Area in a Certain Junior High School陳寧宜; Ning-Yi Chen
-Bayesian analysis for a redundant repairable system with imperfect coverageKe, J.C.; 許英麟; Lee, S.L.; Hsu, Y.L.-
-Bayesian analysis of Box-Cox transformed linear mixed models with ARMA(p, q) dependenceLee, J.C.; 林宗儀; Lin, T.I.; Lee, K.J.; Hsu, Y.L.; 許英麟-
-Bayesian assessing for a repairable system with standby imperfect switching and reboot delayLee, S.L.; 許英麟; Ke, J.C.; Hsu, Y.L.-
-Bootstrapping Computation of Availability for a Repairable System with Standby Subject to Imperfect SwitchingLiu, T.H.; 許英麟; Ke, J.C.; Hsu, Y.L.-
-Constant elasticity of variance (CEV) option pricing model: Integration and detailed derivationHsu, Y.L.; 林宗儀; Lin, T.I.; Lee, C.F.; 許英麟-
-The Effects of the Test-free Senior High School Admission Program on Learning Mathematic Motivation for Junior High School Students: A Case Study of a Junior High School in Taichung張綉凰; Shiou-Huang Chang
-The Error Pattern Analysis of Multiplication Formula and Polynomial on Eighth Graders in Taichung張郁苓; Yu-Ling Chang
-Error Pattern Analysis to Higher Vocational School's Students in Permutation and Combination with Application at the Taichung City黃郁絜; Yu-Chieh Huang
-A factor analysis based selection process for predicting successful university color guard club membersHsia, T.C.; 許英麟; Hsu, Y.L.; Jen, H.L.-
-M/M/R暖備用機器修理問題包含服務者部分故障及延遲修理之成本分析古惠慈; Ku, Hui-Tzu-
-On a redundant repairable system with switching failure: Bayesian approachHsu, Y.L.; 許英麟; Ke, J.C.; Lee, S.L.-
-On a repairable system with an unreliable service station - Bayesian approachKe, J.C.; 許英麟; Lee, S.L.; Hsu, Y.L.; Chen, Y.T.-
-On a repairable system with detection, imperfect coverage and reboot: Bayesian approachKe, J.C.; 許英麟; Lee, S.L.; Hsu, Y.L.-
-Profitability of technical analysis in financial and commodity futures markets - A reality checkYen, S.M.F.; 許英麟; Hsu, Y.L.-
-Prognostic and Predictive Value of a Malignancy-Risk Gene Signature in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung CancerChen, D.T.; 許英麟; Hsu, Y.L.; Fulp, W.J.; Coppola, D.; Haura, E.B.; Yeatman, T.J.; Cress, W.D.-
-A repairable system with imperfect coverage and reboot: Bayesian and asymptotic estimationHsu, Y.L.; 許英麟; Lee, S.L.; Ke, J.C.-
-Simulation inferences for an availability system with general repair distribution and imperfect fault coverageKe, J.C.; 許英麟; Su, Z.L.; Wang, K.H.; Hsu, Y.L.; 王國雄-
-Sparse Factor Analysis and Its Applications黃博煜; Po-Yu Huang
-Standby system with general repair, reboot delay, switching failure and unreliable repair facility-A statistical standpointHsu, Y.L.; 許英麟; Ke, J.C.; Liu, T.H.-