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-Afeasibility study on unmanned aerial vehiclefor river stability顏志憲; 陳昆廷; 李心平; 劉政儒; 吳宗諭; 詹勳全; Chih-hsien Yen; Kun-TingChen; Shin-Ping Lee; Cheng-Ju Liu; Chung-Yu Wu; Hsun-Chuan Chan
-Analysis and Simulation of Live-Bed Pier Scour Evolutionin Steady and Unsteady Flow ConditionsHsun-Chuan Chan; Po-Wei Lin; Jhih -Syong Peng; Jian-Hao Hong; 詹勳全; 林柏瑋; 彭志雄; 洪健豪
-Analysis of Land Use Capability for Slopelands – A Case Study of Nantou CountyHsieh, I. J.; Chan, H. C.; Lee, M. J.; Zhang, Y. T; 謝亦中; 詹勳全; 李孟洲; 張益通
-Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Large-Scale Particle Image Velocimetry for Measuring Water Surface Velocities吳子佳; Tzu-Chia Wu
-Comparisons of Logistic regression, Instability index method and Support vector machine for landslide susceptibility mapping in the Jing-Shan River upstream Watershed温祐霆; Yu-Ting Wen
-The Disaster Prevention Strategy for Mountain Tourism Industry of Taian Township, Miaoli CountyHsun-Chuan Chan; Kuo-Wei Wu; Liang-Chun Chiu; 詹勳全; 吳國偉; 邱亮鈞
-Discussion on the Land Use of Farming complex in hillsideYau-Yuan Liou; Hsun-Chuan Chan; 劉耀源; 詹勳全
-Experimental study of Flow Fields and Local Scour near Rigid Emergent Vegetation Patch柯柏睿; Bo-Ruei Ke
-Experimental Study on Flows Induced Scour around Emergent Vegetation Zone with Different DensitiesChan, Hsun-Chuan; Huang, Yin-Tzu; Jhih -Syong Peng; 詹勳全; 黃胤慈; 彭志雄
-Experimental Study on Flows Induced Scour around Vegetation Patch with Different Densities黃泰然; Tai-Jan Huang
-Experiments and Simulations of Live-Bed Pier Scour under Steady and Unsteady Flow Conditions楊超傑; Chao-Chieh Yang
-Fast Estimation of Scour Depths near A Pier using Hydrodynamic Model卓佳駿; Chia-Chun Cho
-Field Experiments on Discharge Coefficient of Floodgate黃錦邦; Chin – Pang Huang
-Field Experiments on Discharge Coefficient of Floodgate at His-Shih Coastal Embankment, Da-Jia RiverHsun-Chuan Chan; Chin–Pang Huang; You-Cheng Chen; 詹勳全; 黃錦邦; 陳右錚
-Field Experiments on General Scour in Upstream Creek RiverbedsHsun-Chuan Chan; Luo-An Sung; Wen-Huil Liao; Zheng-Jun Li; 詹勳全; 宋羅安; 廖雯慧; 李正鈞
-A GIS-based Comparative Study of the use of A Logistic Regression, the Instability Index Method and A Support Vector Machine for Landslide Susceptibility AnalysisHsun-Chuan Chan; Po-An Chen; Yu-Ting Wen; 詹勳全; 陳柏安; 溫祐霆
-Influence of Rainfall on Landslide Susceptibility along the 50 to 110K Section of the Southern Cross Island Highway, TaiwanHsun-Chuan Chan; Chia-Chun Cho; Chia-Chi Chang; Yu-Jou Hung; 詹勳全; 卓佳駿|張嘉琪; 洪雨柔
-Investigation and Analysis of the Characteristics of Shallow Landslides in Mountainous Areas of Taiwan詹勳全; 張嘉琪; 陳樹群; 魏郁軒; 王昭堡; 李桃生; Hsun-Chuan Chan; Chia-Chi Chang; Su-Chin Chen; Yun-Shiuan Wei; Zhao-Bao Wang; Tao-Sheng Lee
-Landslide Susceptibility Analysis along Li-shing Mountain Road in Nantou CountyHsun-Chuan Chan; Jia-Liang Gao; Jen-Hao Yeh; 詹勳全; 高嘉良; 葉人豪
-Landslide Susceptibility and Conservation Benefit Assessment for Chi-Sun watershed蔡培珊; Pei-Shan Tsai