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-1-MCP 對凱特芒果果實品質的影響黎氏嚴; Nghiem, Le Thi; 謝慶昌; Shies, Ching-Chang
-Annual Changes in Leaf Nutrient Contents of Mango 'Chiin Hwang'陳秀珠; Hsiu-Chu Chen; 林慧玲; 謝慶昌; 李國權; Heuy-Lin Lin; Ching-Chang Siesh; Kuo-Chan Lee
-Breeding for Low Oxalate Content and Improvement of Postharvest Technology for Carambola謝慶昌; 郭銀港-
-Changes in Respiration and Ethylene Production of Chilled Wax-apple (Syzygium samarangenes Merr. et Perry) Fruits姜姍; Shan Chiang; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-Determination of chilling sensitivity of Mango(Mangifera indica L) leaves using chlorophyll fluorescence劉百合; Debrah Lily, C.Lao; 謝慶昌; 林慧玲; Shiesh, Ching-Chang; Lin, Huey-Ling
-Effect of Chitosan Coating on the Quality of Mangoes楊沁儀; Shen-Yee Yong; 洪登村; 謝慶昌; Deng-Tsen Horng; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-Effect of Cold Storage on the Qualities in 'Syh Jou' Persimmon (Diospyros kaki L)劉秀玲; Hsiu-Ling Liu; 林慧玲; 謝慶昌; Heuy-Ling Lin; Ching-Chang Siesh
-Effect of Hot Water Treatment on Senescent Spot of Different Seasons of 'Pei-Chiao' BananaRu-Su Li; Ching-Chang Shiesh; 李濡夙; 謝慶昌
-Effect of Hot Water Treatment on the Peel Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Color Change of 'Tainung No. 2' Papaya Fruit吳庭嘉; 謝慶昌; Ting-Chia Wu; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-Effect of Storage Temperatures on Quality of 'Bull Heart' Persimmon after CaO Deastringency黃仲彥; Chong-Yan Huang; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-The Effect of Temperature on the Gas Composition in Shiitake Growth Bags and Mycelium Growth蒙家嬋; Chia Chan Meng; 謝慶昌; Ching Chang Shiesh
-Effects of Storage Temperature and Packaging on the Qualities in Fresh Ginger during StorageDeng-Tsen Horng; 洪登村; Ching-Chang Siesh; Sue-Hui Chung; 鍾淑惠; 謝慶昌
-Effects of Storage Temperatures and Fruits Size on the Qualities of 'Fuyu' Fruit during Storage石茂盈; Mao-Ying Shi; 洪登村; 謝慶昌; Deng-Tsen Horng; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-Fruit Mineral Nutrient Concentrations of 'Chiin Hwang' Mango李雪如; Sheue-Ru Lee; 林慧玲; 謝慶昌; 李國權; Huey-Ling Lin; Ching-Chang Shiesh; Kuo-Chuan Lee
-Growth and Development of Smooth Loofah (Luffa aegyptiaca Mill.) FruitMing-Te Hung; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Shiesh; 洪明德
-I. 評估葉綠素螢光作為荔枝對溫度逆境忍受性指標之研究 II. 茭白筍之最適貯藏溫度與溫度及光週期對菰黑穗菌菌絲生長之影響Yi-Chun Tsai; 蔡宜君
-Nutrient Uptake and Transport Capacity of Different Mango Rootstocks邱麗娜; Lee-Nor Chiou; 林慧玲; 謝慶昌; 李國權; Huey-Ling Lin; Ching-Chang Siesh; Kuo-Chuan Lee
-Quarantine Treatment Technology of Sweet Pepper謝慶昌-
-The Relationship between Pericarp Browning, Polyphenol Oxidase and Peroxidase Activity of Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) Fruits簡秋燕; Chiu-Yen Chien; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Shiesh
-不同二氧化碳濃度對‘牛心柿’脫澀之影響阮亞蘭; Ya-Lan Ruan; 謝慶昌; Ching-Chang Shiesh