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-450℃退火對Cz矽晶內氧凝聚遲滯現象所造成的影響貢中元; 徐瑋; 劉進明-
-The Bulk Defect Generation in Heavy Doped Cz Silicon after a Simulated CMOS Thermal Process貢中元-
-Comparisons of Transparency AZO Films Using Sol-Gel and RF Sputtering MethodsShih, N.F.; 貢中元; Chen, S.T.; Chang, C.C.; Kung, C.Y.; Chen, B.J.; Yao, P.C.-
-Deposition of uniform mu c-Si : H layers on plasma etched vertical ZnO nanowiresLin, Y.R.; 貢中元; Chang, C.W.; Chen, Y.H.; Liu, J.C.; Kung, C.Y.-
-Development of High-Power white(blue)LEDs with Heat-Dissipation Mirror Substrates (I)武東星; 洪瑞華; 貢中元-
-The Effect of High Temperature Anneal on the Warpage Control of the Poly-back Silicon Wafers貢中元-
-Effects of Boron Penetration and Poly Gate Depletion on Characteristics of Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor CapacitorsShih, Yi-Chun; 石逸群-
-Effects of different catalysts on the growth of ZnO nanorods for the application of dye-sensitized solar cells江朋威; Chiang, Peng-Wei-
-Effects of hydrogenated-amorphous-silicon layer on the performance of SiGe metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectorsHwang, J.D.; 貢中元; Chen, Y.H.; Kung, C.Y.; Liu, J.C.-
-The effects of the compact blocking layer in the dye-sensitized solar cellHsieh, Min-Kang; 謝旻剛-
-Enhanced conductivity of aluminum doped ZnO films by hydrogen plasma treatmentChang, H.P.; 汪芳興; Wang, F.H.; Wu, J.Y.; Kung, C.Y.; Liu, H.W.; 貢中元-
-Fabrication and Modeling of SiGe Metal-Semiconductor-Metal Photodetectors with Amorphous Silicon Passivation Layer (I)貢中元-
-Fabrication of post plasma treated aluminum doped zinc oxide thin films for solar cell applicationsChen, Ying-Ching; 陳穎慶-
-High photo-to-dark-current ratio in SiGe/Si schottky-barrier photodetectors by using an a-Si : H cap layerHwang, J.D.; 貢中元; Chen, Y.H.; Kung, C.Y.; Liu, J.C.-
-Improving the performance of SiGe metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors by using an amorphous silicon passivation layerChen, Y.H.; 貢中元; Hwang, J.D.; Kung, C.Y.; Chen, R.S.; Wei, C.S.; Wu, C.K.; Liu, J.C.-
-The Inflexence of Oxygen Precipitatin Rate on Wafer Warpage Resistance貢中元-
-The influence of 450 C heat-treatment on the oxygen precipitation in czochralski silicon wafer徐瑋; Xu, Wei-
-Investigation of Electrical Properties of Thermally Annealed SiGe Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Capacitors Prepared by Liquid-Phase Deposition of Silicon DioxideKung, C.Y.; 貢中元; Hwang, J.D.; Chen, Y.H.; Chen, P.S.; Chan, H.J.-