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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Application of data mining for die-saw process in assembly of IC industry.莊憲昌; Hsien-Chang Chuang
-Application of Dementia Screening Classification System Based on Over-Sampling Approach and Decision Tree郭丞軒; Cheng-Hsuan Kuo
-Application of territorial defense based Lion's Algorithms for Feature Selection with Support Vector Machine Classifiers魏振庭; Jhen-ting Wei
-Authenticated Key Exchange and Keyword Search Schemes and Their Applications to Cloud Storage Service李欽文; Chin-Wen Lee
-Automatically Categorizing Blog Articles Using Ontology Tree Built by DBpedia簡學群; Hsueh-Chun Chien
-A breakthrough for robust blind image watermarking techniques based on features classification forest張家菘; Chia-Sung Chang
-Canny邊緣偵測器與基因演算法為基礎之依據物件特徵斷裂物件輪廓連結器王軍傑; Wang, Chun-Chieh-
-Cav3.2 T型鈣離子通道基因剔除小鼠微陣列資料分析何宜霖; Ho, I-Lin-
-Cav3.2 T型鈣離子通道基因剔除鼠右腦基因晶片資料集之生物資訊研究王莉雅; Wang, Li-Ya-
-A Chinese Unknown Words Extraction Model for The Blog Connect黃政傑; Jeng Jie Huang
-The Construction of An iHealth Mobile Healthcare System – A Case Study of Iris林筱薇; Hsiao-Wei Lin
-Construction of Automatic Information System Based on Microarray Data of Scopolamine-Treated Rat in Hippocampus李冠緯; Guan-Wei Lee
-Consumer's Attitude toward Online Shopping in Emerging Market: The Case of Vietnam範翠玲; Pham Thuy Linh
-DDoS攻擊與SYN Flood偵測之研究彭志翔; Peng, Chih-Hsiang-
-Deploy VMWare Virtual Server Virtual Desktop Infrastructure:The Case of Cheng-kung Hill Substitute Service Training Center (SSTC).莊玉麟; Yu-Lin Chuang
-A Design of Department-indicators Management Information System for Higher Education Evaluation許永錚; Yong-Zheng Xu
-A Design of Leisure Participation Information Service Model for the Elderly江學明; Hsueh-Ming Chiang
-A Design of Tablet Application for Sales Person to Enhance Relationship Marketing Abilities沈慧翰; Hui-Han Shen
-A Design of Tablet-Based Conference Supporting System for Improving Q&A Efficiency and Quality楊子毅; Tzu-Yi Yang
-Designing and Developing A Personalized Location-based Mobile Tourism Application蔡佳倫; Jia-Lun Tsai