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-The Information Content of China-Concept Stocks Traded by Institutional Investors王敏鐘; Wang, Ming-Jhong-
-The Liquidity of Stock and Investment Styles鄭凱文; Jheng, Kai-Wen-
-Political Connections, Institutional Environments and Firm Performance : Evidence from China Listed FirmsWang, Ying; 汪穎-
-Value Investing: Application from Financial Information and Public Information苗建華; Miao, Chien-Hua-
-中國上市公司政治關係與股權結構對公司績效之影響謝名傑; Hsieh, Ming-Chieh-
-價值投資:財務報表與公開資訊之應用賴靖宜; Lai, Jing-Yi; 董澍琦; 楊聲勇; 苗建華; Doong, Shuh-Chyi; Yang, Sheng-Yung; Miao, Chien-Hua
-探討資本結構與政治關係:來自中國的實證研究郭泰佑; Kuo, Tai-Yu-