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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Aboriginal literature and the Rise of the New Taiwanese Historical Imaginary in Contemporary Taiwan邱貴芬-
-(Asian Cinema: Special Issue on Asian Documentary, 16(1):098-107)Taiwan and Its Spectacular Others: Aesthetic Reflexivity in Two Documentaries by Women Filmmakers from Taiwan邱貴芬
-The Benshi and the Question of Translation in Taiwanese Colonial Cinematic Space邱貴芬-
-(Concentric, 31(3):047-069)Treacherous Translation: Taiwanese Tactics of Intervention in Transnational Cultural Flows邱貴芬
-(Darrell Davis and Robert Chen. Routledge, p017-p032)The Vision of Taiwan Documentary邱貴芬-
-Discussion on the necessity and the meaning of concern of beliefs in the age of wars from <Mazu'body-guards> and <Routes in the Dream>陳依卿; I-CING CHEN
-From Wild to Wide:Jean Rhys's Wild Sargasso Sea林逸萍; Lin, Yi-ping-
-Historical Memories in Post-Nativisit Fiction: Wu Ming-yi''s Routes in the Dream and Gan Yao-ming''s Ghost Slayer朱立雯; Li-Wen Chu
-Identity Politics in Contemporary Women&apos;s Novels in Taiwan邱貴芬-
-The image, the word, and the Taiwanese/Japanese project of modernity邱貴芬-
-Innovations and Difficulties of Documentaries in Contemporary Taiwan: Exemplified by films of Li-Jou Yang蘇威銘; Wei-Ming Su
-The Japanese Model and the Formation of Early Taiwanese Modernity邱貴芬-
-(The Journal of Asian Studies, 67(2):593-620)Empire of the Chinese Sign: The Question of Chinese Diasporic Imagination in Transnational Literary Production邱貴芬-
-Knowledge and Power: A Comparison between Althusser''s and Foucault''s Theories of Knowledge林依蓉; Lin, Yi-jung-
-Making Histories in Film (I)邱貴芬-
-Memories and Identity of Japan in Taiwanese Historical Documentaries蕭智帆; Zhi-Fan Xiao
-Midlife crisis of Taiwanese migrants in Flushing: A study of Zhang Yuan''s fictional works with Plague as the focus陳惠閔; Hui-Min Chen
-Midlife crisis of Taiwanese migrants in Flushing: A study of Zhang Yuan''s fictional works with Plague as the focusHui-Min Chen; 陳惠閔
-Photographs, History, and Memory: A Barthesian Reading of Joy Kogawa's Obasan廖珮真; Liao, Pei-chen-