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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Analysis and Preparation of Red PapersLan-Sheng Kuo; Uey-Tong Wu; 郭蘭生; 吳瑞東
-Calculation of the Minimun Number of Sheets for the Determination of Paper Reflectivity(R∞)郭蘭生; 汪淮; Lan-Sheng Kuo; Hweig Wang
-The Causes and Control of Color Variations of Kraft Linerboards in a Conventional Taiwan Paper郭蘭生; 陳景慶; Lan-Sheng Kuo; Bill Chen
-Comparison of the Shading Effect of Direct Violet 51 with Basic Violet 1郭蘭生; 俞怡; Lan-Sheng Kuo; Yore Yu
-Conversion of Printing Opacity to TAPPI OpacityLan-Sheng Kuo; Hweig Wang; 郭蘭生; 汪淮
-Factors Affecting Conventional Pulp Moisture Determination郭蘭生; Lan-Sheng Kuo
-Good practice of Pulped Thinned China fir for Protectin Delicate Fruits郭蘭生; 曾煜文; Lan-sheng Kuo; Yu-wen Tsen
-Metamerism of Colored Paper郭蘭生; 蕭文鎮; Lan-Sheng Kuo; Wen-Jenn Shiau
-A Relationship Between Lightness Variations and Color Difference While Performing Visual Matching for Various Colored Paper郭蘭生; 蕭文鎮; Lan-Sheng Kuo; Wen-Jenn Shiau
-以滑板法測定衛生紙表面柔軟度方法之確立及應用鄭殷立; Cheng, Yin-li-
-以色彩學觀點探究臺灣國鳥--臺灣藍鵲--之顏色特徵郭蘭生; 王向榮; 鄭殷立
-光對孟宗竹竹材表面顏色之影響Lan-Sheng Kuo; Jau-Ming Lin; 郭蘭生; 林昭明
-化粧合板貼面紙之不透明度及印墨顯色性之研究顏振發; YEN, Chen-Fa-
-含絹雲母塗佈紙之性質盧俊嘉; Lu, Chun-chia-