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-Coil-in-Coil Carbon Nanocods: 11 Gram-Scale Synthesis, Single Nanocod Electrical Properties, and Electrical Contact ImprovementTang, N.J.; 郭華丞; Kuo, W.; Jeng, C.C.; Wang, L.Y.; Lin, K.J.; Du, Y.W.; 鄭建宗-
-Cosmetic optimize study in direct-light-type backlight moduleYu-Chang Lu; 呂侑昌
-Design and Construction of a Confocal Microscope for Low-Temperature and High-Magnetic-Field Applications郭鴻榮; Kuo, Hong-Rong-
-Dynamic Probing of Nanoparticle Stability In Vivo: A Liposomal Model Assessed Using In Situ Microdialysis and Optical ImagingJeng, C.C.; 鄭建宗; Cheng, S.H.; Ho, J.A.A.; Huang, S.H.Y.; Chang, J.C.; Tsai, P.J.; Yang, C.S.; Lo, L.W.-
-Effective 2.5D IC Chip Module Warpage With Underfill Materoal Design By Analytical MethodPai-Yuan Li; 李百淵
-Evolutions of the Modulation Instability鄭建宗-
-Fabrication and characteristics of low-Tc Nb nanoSQUID by Focused ion BeamYao, Hung-Yi; 姚宏毅-
-Flowomics- Technology Development of High Throughput Microbial Identificaiton and Quantifiation張書奇; 鄭建宗-
-The improvement of Mura Homogenization for Ultra Large Liquid Crystal DisplayChih-Kuang Yang; 楊智光
-In Vivo Imaging System Building - Improvement of Light Source and Filters in the SystemJune-Wei Wu; 吳峻維-
-Instability suppression of clusters of vector-necklace-ring solitons in nonlocal mediaShen, M.; 鄭建宗; Kong, Q.A.; Jeng, C.C.; Ge, L.J.; Lee, R.K.; Krolikowski, W.-
-Integration of Elastic and Inelastic Scattering Spectroscopic SystemsJyun-Hao Chen; 陳俊皓
-Monitoring and dynamic control of distance and tilt angle measurements in micro-alignment instrument using an imaging approachJeng, C.C.; 鄭建宗; Wu, C.H.; Li, C.Z.; Chen, J.H.-
-New Generation 3D profiles scanner & Low temperature confocal microscope李丞烝; Li, Cheng-Steam-
-Optical Modulation Instability in Noninstantaneous Nonlinear Media鄭建宗-
-Optical Pattern Transitions from Modulation to regular dot in Photorefractive CrystalsJyuan-Yuan Wu; 吳雋元
-Optical Pattern Transitions from Modulation to Transverse Instabilities in Photorefractive CrystalsJeng, C.C.; 鄭建宗; Lin, Y.Y.; Hong, R.C.; Lee, R.K.-
-Promotion of Generation of Hydrogen by Splitting of Water by CNT Over Pt/TiO(2) CatalystsWu, R.J.; 鄭建宗; Ju, Y.D.; Jeng, C.C.-
-Radiophotoluminescent glass dosimetersysytemTsu-Yao Chen; 陳子堯
-The Study for Exposure Accuracy and Reticle Thermos DeformationYin-Yi Chang; 張銀益