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-3-胺基丙基三乙氧基矽烷改質奈米碳管捕捉及濃縮煙道氣中二氧化碳陳宏碩; Chen, Hung-Shih-
-Assessing the Relationship between Air Mass Age and Summer Ozone Episodes Based on Photochemical IndicesTseng, K.H.; 莊秉潔; Wang, J.L.; Cheng, M.T.; Tsuang, B.J.; 鄭曼婷-
-Bayesian treatment of a chemical mass balance receptor model with multiplicative error structureKeats, A.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.; Yee, E.; Lien, F.S.-
-Carbonaceous Aerosol Measurements at Coastal, Urban, and Inland Sites in Central TaiwanLin, Y.C.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.; Chio, C.P.; Kuo, C.Y.-
-Characteristics of aerosols collected in central Taiwan during an Asian dust event in spring 2000Cheng, M.T.; 鄭曼婷; Lin, Y.C.; Chio, C.P.; Wang, C.F.; Kuo, C.Y.-
-Characteristics of atmospheric aerosol and acidic gases from urban and forest sites in central TaiwanCheng, M.T.; 鄭曼婷; Horng, C.L.; Lin, Y.C.-
-Characteristics of elements in waste ashes from a solid waste incinerator in TaiwanChang, C.Y.; 鄭曼婷; Wang, C.F.; Mui, D.T.; Cheng, M.T.; Chiang, H.L.-
-Characteristics of gaseous HNO2, HNO3, NH3 and particulate ammonium nitrate in an urban city of Central TaiwanLin, Y.C.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.; Ting, W.Y.; Yeh, C.R.-
-Characterization of chemical species in atmospheric aerosols in a metropolitan basinTsai, Y.I.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.-
-Characterization of PM2.5 and conversion rate of sulfur dioxide to sulfate in inland areas of TaiwanHorng, C.L.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.-
-Characterization of visibility and atmospheric aerosols in urban, suburban, and remote areasCheng, M.T.; 鄭曼婷; Tsai, Y.I.-
-Chemical Compositions and Source Apportionment of PM2.5 and PM2.5-10 near Coastal Area in Central Taiwan(II)鄭曼婷-
-Comparative study of regulated and unregulated air pollutant emissions before and after conversion of automobiles from gasoline power to liquefied petroleum gas/gasoline dual-fuel retrofitsYang, H.H.; 鄭曼婷; Chien, S.M.; Cheng, M.T.; Peng, C.Y.-
-Compositions and source apportionments of atmospheric aerosol during Asian dust storm and local pollution in central TaiwanCheng, M.T.; 莊秉潔; Chou, W.C.; Chio, C.P.; Hsu, S.C.; Su, Y.R.; Kuo, P.H.; Tsuang, B.J.; Lin, S.H.; Chou, C.C.K.; 鄭曼婷-
-Concentrations and Formation Rates of Ambient Nitrous Acid in Taichung City, TaiwanCheng, M.T.; 鄭曼婷; Chen, S.P.; Lin, Y.C.; Jung, C.C.; Horng, C.L.-
-Distribution of PM2.5 and gaseous species in central Taiwan during two Chinese festival periodsHorng, C.L.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.; Chiang, W.F.-
-Distribution of PM2.5, acidic and basic gases near highway in central TaiwanHorng, C.L.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.-
-Effect of flow distributors on uniformity of velocity profile in a baghouseChen, C.J.; 鄭曼婷; Cheng, M.T.-
-Electrostatic Enhancement of Collection Efficiency of Cyclone for Fine Particulates (I)鄭曼婷-