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-Application of Machine Vision of Hatching Eggs Images of Research曾國豪; 陳鴻毅; 鄭經偉; Guo-Hao Zeng; Hung-Yi Chen; Ching-Wei Cheng
-Basic study on non-destructive technique of duck eggshell thickness measurementI-Chi Chen; 陳怡琪
-Biomechanical Experiment and Simulation Analysis in Upper Extremities for Backhand Stroke of Tennis陳仁行; Chen, Ren-Sing-
-Development of a Guiding Control System for Autonomous Vehicle Working in Agricultural Environment邱耀堂; Kanjanaphachoat, Choatpong-
-Development of an automatic detecting system for breeding eggsChun-Che Chang; 張雋轍
-The Development of Seeding Mechanism for Onion Bulbs黃文忠; Huang, Wen-Chung-
-Modeling and Analysis on Kinetic of Upper Extremity associated with Correlation Position between Wheelchair Seat and Handrim Axle楊潤昶; Yang, Run-Chang-
-The Study for Apple''s Vibration Spectra and Properties紀偉民; Jee, Wei Min-
-Study of vaccines delivery by needle-free injector.Zih-Yuan Lin; 林子元
-Study on Gelling of Pidan by Non-Destructive Technique陳昱全; Chen, Yu-Chuan-
-Study on the Application of Image Processing for Inspection System of Poultry Eggs IncubationYuan-Lin Hsiao; 蕭元淋
-Study on the mechanical characteristics for eggsChun-You Shih; 石淳友
-VZN-100貨車之結構強度分析及其性能評估Chen, Yun-Te; 陳昀德-
-不同照蛋光源對種蛋孵化影像之相關性研究曾國豪; Zeng, Guo-Hao-
-不對稱步態之生物力學效應研究紀偉民; Chi, Wei-Min-
-(中華生質能源學會會誌第17卷第3-4期,p063-p070)應用共振頻率預測芒果堅實度指數模式之探討陳添福; 鄭經偉; 艾群-
-(中華農業氣象第4卷第1期,p035-p043)通風口覆蓋防蟲網對錏管溫室內溫度之影響黃裕益; 鄭經偉; 翁郁凱
-乾燥龍眼物理性質試驗分析Wang, Hsin-Hu; 王信互; Hsiao, Chiao-Hu; Chen, Hung-Yi; Cheng, Ching-Wei; 蕭巧郁; 陳鴻毅; 鄭經偉
-以LifeMOD模擬頭與頸椎受後側撞擊之生物力學分析Chiu, Shi-Hung; 邱士紘-
-以自製近紅外光系統檢測鴨肝粉添加磺胺二甲嘧啶之研究黃建瑋; Huang, Jain-Wei-