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-19F NMR研究三氟乙醯基酮類化合物 之抑制酵素反應機理何秋燕; He, Chiou-Yan-
-Aponeocarzinostatin - A superior drug carrier exhibiting unusually high endurance against denaturantsSudhahar, C.G.; 金德航; Chin, D.H.-
-The application of hollow fiber cartridges in the purification of antitumor antibiotic, neocarzinostatin from Streptomuces carzinostaticusLi, H.H.; 金德航; Hariharan, P.; Chin, D.H.-
-Characterization of molten globule state with novel drug delivery features in anti-tumor drug neocarzinostatinAranganathan, S.; 金德航; Kumar, T.K.S.; Yu, C.; Chin, D.H.-
-Chemical Studies of the Neocarzinostatin and Mitomalcin Chromophore (II)金德航-
-Circular dichroism spectra of short, fixed-nucleus alanine helicesChin, D.H.; 金德航; Woody, R.W.; Rohl, C.A.; Baldwin, R.L.-
-Cold instability of aponeocarzinostatin and its stabilization by labile chromophoreJayachithra, K.; 金德航; Kumar, T.K.S.; Lu, T.J.; Yu, C.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
-Disulfide C37-C47 in aponeocarzinostatin plays a key role in directing cyclization pathway of the protein-bound chromophoreChi, H.W.; 金德航; Chin, D.H.-
-Erwinia carotovora 低分子量細菌素Carocin S3 的基因選殖與表現徐志豪; Hsu, Shih-Hao-
-Flagellin gene expression and the low-molecular-weight bacteriocin secretion through the T3SS-like mechansim in Pectobacterium carotovorum王佩郁; Wang, Pei-Yu-
-Functional analysis of the low-molecular-weight bacteriocin, Carocin S4, from Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum胡家銘; Hu, Jia-Ming-
-In Vivo Drug Release---Actions of Antibiotic Chromoprotein in a Target Cell金德航-
-Insight into the strong inhibitory action of salt on activity of neocarzinostatinChin, D.H.; 金德航; Li, H.H.; Sudhahar, C.G.; Tsai, P.Y.-
-Is association of labile enediyne chromophore a mutually assured protection for carrier protein?Kandaswamy, J.; 金德航; Hariharan, P.; Kumar, T.K.S.; Yu, C.; Lu, T.J.; Chin, D.H.; 陸大榮-
-Lipid Bilayer-Assisted Release of an Enediyne Antibiotic from Neocarzinostatin ChromoproteinHariharan, P.; 周三和; Sudhahar, C.G.; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-Low-molecular-weight Bacteriocin Gene Is Regulated by the c-di-GMP and Cyclic AMP Receptor Protein Signaling in Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum陳彥君; Chen, Yen-Chun-
-A model for enediyne antibiotic transport/releaseHariharan, T.; 周三和; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-A new model for ligand release - Role of side chain in gating the enediyne antibioticHariharan, P.; 周三和; Liang, W.C.; Chou, S.H.; Chin, D.H.; 金德航-
-Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum低分子量細菌素Carocin S3 的基因選殖、純化及蛋白功能分析陳楷茵; Chen, Kai-Yin-
-A superior drug carrier - aponeocarzinostatin in partially unfolded state fully protects the labile antitumor enediyneShanmuganathan, A.; 金德航; Kumar, T.K.S.; Huang, C.M.; Yu, C.; Chin, D.H.-