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-Coupled single-electron transistors as a differential voltage amplifier郭華丞; Wu, C.S.; 陳啟東; Lin, C.F.; Kuo, W.; Chen, C.D.-
-DNA as an electron-beam-sensitive reagent for nanopatterning陳啟東; Lin, H.Y.; Tsai, L.C.; Chi, P.Y.; Chen, C.D.-
-Fabrications of Bio-molecule sensors based on Au nanoparticles謝婭暄; Hsieh, Ya-Hsuan-
-Solid-state devices for quantum information amplification and detection劉少勳; Liou, Saxon-
-卵磷脂質多層分子膜的電穿孔電性研究Chen, Kun-Hung; 陳昆宏-
-單根螺旋碳奈米線金屬接觸電極之雷射熱退火研究王麗媛; Wang, Li -Yuan-
-氧化釩奈米線元件製作與特性量測洪義軒; Hong, Yi-Xuan-
-超導微小接合的高頻響應研究Liou, Saxon; 劉少勳-