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-Analysis and measurements of mixing in pressure-driven microchannel flowChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Horng, T.L.; Tan, W.Y.-
-Capture of single cells for impedance measurements in microfluidics洪國瀚; Kuo-Han Hung
-Experimental investigation of a parallel vortex-plate interactionChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Chiou, C.C.-
-Experimental study of vortex shedding and subharmonic lock-on for a rotationally oscillating Aat plateFang, Y.C.; 陳志敏; Chen, J.M.-
-Francis水輪機尾管穴蝕特性之研究余培華; Yih, Per-Wha-
-Freestream disturbance effects on an airfoil pitching at constant rateChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Choa, C.C.-
-Impedance Measurements of Various Trapped Single Cells in Microelectrode Device林卓民; Zhou-Ming Lin
-Light Probes 於葉片間隙及動態量測應用(II)陳志敏-
-Light Probes於渦輪機葉間隙動態量測應用陳志敏-
-Lock-on of vortex shedding due to rotational oscillations of a flat plate in a uniform streamChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Fang, Y.C.-
-Observations of hysteresis in flow around two square cylinders in a tandem arrangementLiu, C.H.; 陳志敏; Chen, J.M.-
-On the flow over a rotationally oscillating flat plate: A numerical studyChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Fang, Y.C.-
-Sequentially Trapping Single Particles in Microfluidic Network莊建宗; Chien-Tsung Chuang
-T 型流道中微流體乳化現象數值模擬與分析劉忠敏; Liu, Chung-Min-
-Trapping of Single Basophil and Impedance Measurements in Microelectrodes Device彭煥唐; Huan-Tang Peng
-T型微流道乳化液滴生成與控制之研究林祐駿; Lin, You-Chun-
-Visualization Experiments and Analysis on Formation of Liquid Droplets in Rotating Microchannels for Microreactor Applications陳志敏-
-Vortex shedding and surface pressures on a square cylinder at incidence to a uniform air streamChen, J.M.; 陳志敏; Liu, C.H.-
-Y型結構微混合器之旋轉可視化實驗許晉嘉; Shiu, Jin-Jia-
-上仰機翼的非穩態分離流場黃松楨; HUANG, SONG-ZHEN-