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-Influence of Cover Crops and Mulching on Sloping-Land-Mulberry Orchard in Eastern Taiwan (Preliminary Report)陳慶雄; Ching Hsiung Chen-
-A Preliminary Report on Effects of Microclimate of Wind Grass Shelterbelts and Vegetative Cover in OrchardC.P. Liu; 劉正平; Lien Jui Cherng; C.S. Chern; 程連瑞; 陳慶雄-
-Study on Farm Road Maintenance by the Vegetative Treatment under Different Soil ConditionsLien Jui Cherng; 陳慶雄; Ching Hsiung Chen; 程連瑞-
-Study on Grass Planting for Farm Road SurfaceChing Shyong Chern; 陳慶雄; Lien Jui Cherng; 程連瑞-
-嘉義中埔石硦地滑地之研究謝豪榮; Tao-Jung Shieh; 陳慶雄; Ching-Hsiung Chen-
-地滑地粘土電氣滲透排水法之研究陳慶雄; Ching-Hsiung Chen; 謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Shieh-
-山區高壓輸電塔基選址評估之研究-以台灣中部地區為例莊敏賢; Chuang, Min-Hsien-
-山坡地土地利用分級坡度因子之探討王兆文; WANG, CHAO-WEN-
-彰化民族新村地滑地之研究謝豪榮; 陳慶雄
-石碑地滑地之穩定性及其有關電氣滲透法之研究陳慶雄; CHEN, GING-XIONG-
-穩定藥劑處理對紅土與青灰泥岩邊坡穩定效果之研究陳慶雄; Ching-Hsiung Chen; 謝豪榮; Hao-Jung Shieh-
-覆蓋與敷蓋對東台坡地土壤理化性質之影響 (第二報)陳慶雄; Ching Hsiung Chen-