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-100-102年國科會研究成果探勘及加值計畫( II )陳政雄; 陳政雄-
-Automation Frequency Tracing Technology Of Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Machining劉冠閎; Kuan- Hung Liu
-COG構裝時玻璃表面潔淨度對異方性導電膜導通阻抗影響之實驗探討王文聰; Wang, Wen-Tsung-
-Nd:YAG雷射加工鋁合金表面微結構對塑膠射出結合性之參數探討葉時彰; Yeh, Shih-Chang-
-A Novel Six Axis Force/Moment Sensor with Double-Layer Structure鍾彩駿; Tsai-Chun Chung
-PU球磨頭於複雜曲面研磨拋光之研究黃佳安; Chia-An Huang
-A Study of Free-form Surface Polishing System Based on the 6-axis Industrial Robot林佳駿; Chun-Chung Lin
-A Study of Industrial Robot Calibration Using LEAP MOTION Sensor陳弘洋; Hung-Yang Chen
-A Study of Non-contact Power Transmission System for Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Spindle吳科禾; Ko-Ho Wu
-A study of phase shift Michelson interference objective楊偉強; Wei-Chiang Yang
-A Study of the 2D Dynamic Contour Error Measurement System at the Cutting Center Point of Machine Tools郭庭豪; Ting-Hao Guo
-A study of the bearing preload on the dynamic characteristic of a motorized spindle張祐達; Yu-Ta Chang
-A Study of the CNC Parameter Tuning Criteria According to the Machining Purposes林勉哲; Mien-Che Lin
-A study of the giant stress-impedance effect for strain measurement based on the CoFeB thin films謝仲豪; Chung-Hao Hsieh
-A study of the strain gauge and accelerometer based on giant stress-impedance (GSI) effect of CoFeSiB amorphous microwire黃柏勛; Bo-Syun Huang
-A Study of Ultrasonic Vibration Assisted Tools With Side-add-on Contactless Power Transmission王浩唐; Hao-Tang Wang
-System Identification and Tuning Verification of TCP Dynamic Trajectory for Machine Tools林冠融; Kuan-Jung Lin
-Vibration-based Bearing Failure Monitoring based on the Time-Frequency Transform Method鄭允睿; Yun-Jui Cheng
-Windowed Fourier filtering and phase extraction algorithm for random phase shift interference microscope徐弘峻; Hung-Jiun Shiu
-五軸加工中心機之刀尖跟隨循跡動態誤差及 傾斜軸追隨誤差之研究廖建豐; Jian-Fong Liau