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-3S方法在都市暨區域規劃上之應用─以基隆市獅球嶺地區為例梁東海; Liang, Dung-hai-
-Analysis of Establishing Meteorological and Hydrological Database for Watersheds in Eastern Taiwan陳文福; Wen-Fu Chen; 王仲豪; 陳俊宏; 梁大慶; Jong-Hao Wang; Chun-Hung Chen; Ta-Ching Liang
-Analysis on Land Use Changs of Feng-Shan Creek Upper Stream Watershed蔡宗佑; Yu, Tsai Tsung-
-Application of GIS on the Analysis of Protection Forest for Erosion ControlHUNG, CHEN CHUN; 陳俊宏-
-Application of Instability Index Method on Landslide Potential Analysis on Da-an River Basin黃璿宇; Hsuan-Yu Huang
-Application of the Logistic Regression Method in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping-Using Chenyulan Stream Watershed as an example區悅生; Yue-Sheng Ou
-Auxiliary the Tian Mei Bridge, Steel Bridge Structural Member Damage Analysis and Repair of SAP2000 Program彭永光; 侯順耀; 陳文福; Yung-Kuang Pren; Shung-Tao Hou; Wen-Fu Chen
-Benefits of facilities for water storage and detention at the sites of rural village consolidationLi, Hsiu-Ting; 劉秀廷-
-Complex System Analysis and Management Strategies in Eutrophication蔡大偉; David, D-W.Tsai-
-The Creation of Park's Dynamic Database for Environmental Changes in The Chen Yu-Lan Creek WatershedChang, Tung-Cheng; 張棟正-
-Discussion on the issue of police and Soil Conservation affairs林信華; Hsin-Hua Lin
-Effect and Modeling of Microbial Growth on Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity of the Porous MediaTu, Yi-Te; 杜怡德-
-Finite Element Analysis of Water Flow Passing Vegetative ChannelLiu, Yun-Ze; 劉運澤-
-Google Earth融入國中地理教學成效之研究許柔婷; Hsu, Rou-Ting-
-Investigation of Delineating Debris Flow Disaster Area on River Area with Aerial Photogrammetry --Using between Mar-An Dam and Tien-Loon Dam of Da-Chia River As an ExampleHsien, Ling-Chuan; 謝伶娟-
-Investigation of improving policy on mountain area inundated problem-Toushe Living Basin in Yuchih Township Nantou County as an example王淑英; Wang, Shu-Ying-
-Investigation of the Effectiveness of Previously-settled Windbreaks (2) Gap on Wind VelocityYung-Cheh Chiang; 江永哲; Yuan-Ching Lee; Wen-Fure Chern; 李遠慶; 陳文福-
-Investigation of Watershed Sediment Estimation Before and After 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake -Peikang Stream a Tributary of Wuchi River as an Example王俊哲; Wang, Hsun-Cha-
-Investigations of Typhoon Rainfall Spatial Distribution Variations in Nan Shih Creek Watershed of Northern Taiwan王仲豪; Wang, Jong-Hao-
-Land Suitability Analysis Apply in Edge Slope Land -Moa Kong Area of Taipei City as An ExampleLiu, Yi-Hung; 劉怡宏-