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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Cultural Imperialism and Body Politics in Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters羅亦婷; Luo, Yi-ting-
-Fear and Love in the Tide Country: Affect, Environment, and Encounters in Amitav Ghosh's _The Hungry Tide陳淑卿; Shu-ching Chen
-Gender Intervention with White Liberalism: Resisting Apartheid, Reconstructing Self-Identity in Nadine Gordimer''s Burger''s Daughter曾心嫻; Tseng, Hsin-hsien-
-The Historical Trauma and Abject Body: Subject Identity in John Okada''s No No BoyWei-Ting Huang; 黃瑋婷
-History and Trauma: A Lacanian Reading of Joy Kogawa's Obasan劉靜茹; Liu, Ching-ju-
-Rewriting the Empire: Tayeb Salih's Season of Migration to the North王嘉君; Wang, Chia-chun-
-Spectral Truth: Rewriting Human Rights in Michael Ondaatje''s Anil''s Ghost劉書宏; Liu, Shu-hung-
-Transnational Homecoming: Global Capitalism and Diasporic Identity in Lawrence Chua's Gold by the InchBrian Hartanto; 戴銘夆
-Triangular Racial Relations: A Post-Colonial Reading of Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea鄭宴蓉; Cheng, Yan-rung-
-The Uncanny in Woman and Nation: A Psychoanalytical Reading of Hualing Nieh's Mulberry and Peach陳涵婷; Chen, Han-Ting-
-Writing Liminality: The Supplementation of Time and Space in Michael Ondaatje''s The English Patient何嘉怡-
-Yann Martel's Life of Pi as a Bildungsroman: A Journey Towards Ecological ConsciousnessSheng-Hong Huang; 黃聖宏
-Your Submissive Servant: the Interrelationships between Race, Gender and Class in Nadine Gordimer''s July''s PeopleChen, Mei-hue; 陳美惠-
-不願殘喘:麥可˙翁達傑《菩薩凝視的島嶼》中的暴力與人性陳品蓉; Chen, Pin-jung
-唯心主義的剩餘:石黑一雄小說《長日將盡》中幻想,法西斯思想和每日生活的批評研究任罡璠; Jen, kang-fan-
-奇努瓦.阿契貝《分崩離析》之後殖民研究:優劣情節、在地伊博文化及非洲式英語書寫李佳珮; Jia-pei Li
-如夢是喚:童妮.摩里森《寵兒》與《慈愛》中的倫理與美學王衍雲; Wang, Yan-Yun-
-山下凱倫《橘子回歸線》中的邊界跨越王莉萍; Wang, Li-ping-