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-1.微粒體甲烷單氧化酵素之結構與功能性之模型三核銅簇化合物之研究(II) 2.探討光合作用之光系統二酵素氧化水分子的反應機制(II)陳炳宇-
-A Switch from Mechanistic Competition Mediated by a Combination of Temperature and Concentration Effects in the Oxidation Reaction of [FeII (N4Py/TPA)](OTf)2Tseng, Tzu-Hsien; Chen, Peter Ping-Yu; 陳炳宇
-Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Study of Trinuclear Manganese ComplexMang-Lun Wu; 吳孟倫
-The electronic structures of iron porphyrins-from iron(III) porphyrin, iron(III) porphyrin radical cation, to Compound I model, iron(IV)-oxo porphyrin radical cation陳卿謹; Ching-Chin Chen
-ESI-MS Spectroscopic Studies by means of RFQ (Rapid Freeze Quench) Methodology of the Trinuclear Copper Clusters for the Model of Particular Methane MonooxygenasePei-Hua Sung; 宋佩樺
-The paramagnetic NMR study of saddled metalloporphyrins- 1. Characterization of Saddled Nickel(III) Porphyrin Cation Radical :The NMR Explicative Model for Ferromagnetically Coupled Metalloporphyrin Radical. 2. Saddle-shaped six-coordinate iron(III) porphyrin complex with unusual intermediate-spin electronic structure丁橋瀚; Chiao-Han Ting
-The spectroscopic and catalytic study of Diiron and Tricopper complexes as models of methane monooxygenase (MMO)孫瑋辰; Wei-Chen Sun
-The spectroscopic and catalytic study of models for iron or copper containing methane monooxygenase (MMO)張芷芸; Chih-Yun Chang
-The spectroscopic and catalytic study of models for iron or manganese containing metalloenzymes張淑婷; Shu-Ting Chang
-Spectroscopic properties of Co(II)TPTBP(Tetraphenyltetrabenzoporphyrin)Han-Ju Wu; 吳函儒
-Spectroscopic Studies of the reaction of Saddled Iron(III) Porphyrin with mCPBAGang-Tai Jheng; 鄭岡泰
-The Spectroscopic Study of Saddled High-Valent Oxomanganese [ Mn(IV)=O and Mn(V)=O ] Porphyrins ComplexesBei-Wen Jiang; 江蓓雯
-The Study of Electronic Structures of Five-coordinate Saddled Iron(III) Porphyrin Radical Cation and O-O Bond Homolytic Cleavage of (OETPP)FeIIIO(H)OtBuYi-Wen Wu; 吳翌彣
-Water Oxidation Catalyzed by a Trinuclear Manganese Complex陳泓諭; Hung-Yu Chen
-似單氧化酵素之三核錳金屬簇化物之研究陳仁斌; Chen, Jen-Pin-
-含鈷四苯基四苯卟啉的合成、結構、光譜性質與氧化還原能力之探討吳昌權; Chang-Quan Wu-
-大環變形對三價鐵-(Oi-PTPP)Cl及三價鐵-(OETPP)CN卟啉電子組態的影響李俞諼; Lee, Yu-Hsuan-
-密度泛函數理論應用在有一些機金屬反應機制之研究翁嘉明; Weng, Chia-Ming-
-微粒體甲烷單氧化酵素之結構與功能性之模型 三核銅金屬簇化物之研究 (II)黃莛翃; Huang, Ting-Hung-
-微粒體甲烷單氧化酵素之結構與功能性之模型三核銅金屬簇化物之研究 (I)吳思辰; Wu, Si-Chen-