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-「2018年第十四屆國際創新與專案管理研討會」專刊編者語詹永寬; 陳育成
-The Analysis of The Impact of VIX on Portfolio Returns游嘉蓉; Yu, Chia-Rong-
-Analysis on Loss Stopping and Preference Reversal高禎佑; Kao, Chen-Yu-
-The Announcement Effect of Cash Dividend and Its Influence Factor- An Example of Taiwan-listed Companies蔡元琳; Tsai, Wuen-Lin-
-The Application of Warren Buffett's Investment Principles In the Great China Stock Markets陳攸珊; Chen, Yu-Shan-
-A case study of conflict management between Taiwan-funded enterprise and its cadre members of Taiwanese who are external assigned in China's subsidiary.鍾欣辰; Chung, Hsin-Chen-
-CDX信用指數的實證分析周佳民; Chou, Chia-Min-
-Comparing the hedging efficiency of cash settlement and physical delivery in Taiwan 10-year Government Bond Futures by DCC GARCH Model陳佳蘭; Chen, Chia-Lan-
-Constructing the Warning Prediction Models of CorporationsLin, Yu-Cheng; 林昱成-
-The Determinants of Price Differentials In Dual-listed Chinese Stocks -The case of A-share, B-share, H-share and ADR高郁涵; Kao, Yu-Han-
-Does Long-Term Customer Relationship Matter? -Effect of Banks'New Customer RatioWu, Min-Tzu; 吳敏慈-
-The Effect of Attention on trading Behaviors of Investors朱育妏; Chu, Yu-Wen-
-The Effect of Chinese Stock Market Liberalization on Cost of Capital吳羅宸; Wu, Lo-Chen-
-The Effect of Important Events on Covered Interest Arbitrage in Foreign Exchange Markets黃怡瑛; Huang, Yi-Ying-
-Empirical Studies on Information Content and Characteristics of Corporation Various Financing Instruments李惠悌; LI HUI, TI-
-Empirical Studies on the Employee Profit Sharing Expenditure Issue周毅帆; Chou, Yi-Fan-
-An empirical study of the determinates of credit spread on corporate bonds in Taiwan邱銘汶; Chiu, Ming-Wen-
-Empirical Study on the Relationship between Earnings Management and Earnings Performance Style戴秀惠; Dai, Shiou-Huei-
-The Fat-tailed Effect and Hedging Effectiveness of Taiwan Stock Index Futures for Relative GARCH Models朱佩霞; Chu, Pei-Hsia-
-The Impact of Black-Swan Events on Price Differentials in Chinese Cross-listed Stocks郭杏宜; Yi, Kuo Hsing-