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-(1)建立以選擇電子轉移反應偵測模式的胜肽定量新方法(2)利用質譜儀鑑定水稻突變株M0047286榖粒外殼色素成分魏碧瑩; Wei, Bi-Ying-
-1. TCP theta 類泛素後修飾研究2. PAX3 配對結構域突變蛋白的轉錄調控機制陽森-
-1.大量表現miR160a與miR167b對水稻生長發育影響之探討2.miRNA對其目標基因調控快速檢測方法的建立林宣妤; Lin, Syuan-Yu-
-Analysis o Rice Embryo Protien Kinase Ggene Ose711 and a Novel Embroy-Specific Gene Ose716Chow, Sue-Hui; 周書慧-
-Breeding for a Nutritional Enhanced Vvyp-Containing Rice Variety陳良築-
-Breeding for nutritional enhanced elite rice variety containing active peptides VVYP and lactoferrin蔡欣如; Shin-Ru Tsai
-Breeding for Nutritional Enhanced Elite Rice Variety Containing Active Peptides Vvyp and Lactoferrin陳良築-
-Breeding for Nutritional Enhanced Elite Rice Variety Containing Active Peptides VVYP and Lactoferrin陳良築-
-Characterization and functional study of rice Ose705 protein林威廷; Lin, Wei-Ting-
-Characterization and gene cloning of inositol phosphatase-like protein differentially expressed in a rice ( Oryza sativa L.) Tainung 67 and its grain mutant SA1443黃聰彥; Huang, Tsung-Yen-
-Characterize and analysis two oleosin genes and a LEA-like gene of rice embryo ( Oryza sativa L. )王簾讀; Wang, Lian-Du-
-Cloning of The Genes Expressed During Early Stages of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Embryogenesis廖仁盟; Liao, Ren-Mong-
-A Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Rat Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid in Response to ZnO Nanoparticles ExposureYang, Cheng-Yu; 楊正宇-
-A conserved inverted repeat from rice plastome functions as an intrinsic transcription terminatorLin, C.H.; 陳良築; Liang, Y.J.; Chen, L.J.-
-Different effects on triacylglycerol packaging to oil bodies in transgenic rice seeds by specifically eliminating one of their two oleosin isoformsWu, Y.Y.; 曾志正; Chou, Y.R.; Wang, C.S.; Tseng, T.H.; Chen, L.J.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 陳良築-
-Ectopic expression of specific GA2 oxidase mutants promotes yield and stress tolerance in riceLo, Shuen-Fang; Ho, Tuan-Hua David; Liu, Yi-Lun; Jiang, Mirng-Jier; Hsieh, Kun-Ting; Chen, Ku-Ting; Yu, Lin-Chih; Lee, Miin-Huey; Chen, Chi-Yu; Huang, Tzu-Pi; Kojima, Mikiko; Sakakibara, Hitoshi; 陳良築; Chen, Liang-Jwu; Yu, Su-May
-Enhanced methionine and cysteine levels in transgenic rice seeds by the accumulation of sesame 2S albuminLee, T.T.T.; 曾志正; Wang, M.M.C.; Hou, R.C.W.; Chen, L.J.; Su, R.C.; Wang, C.S.; Tzen, J.T.C.; 陳良築-
-Establishment of transformation system for mini and early flowering gene in phalaenopsis Orchid- applications of GA2ox6 and OsMADS14范秀姿; Hsiu-Tzu Fan
-Expression and Regulation of Rice Embryo-Specific Genes (IV)陳良築-
-Expression and Regulation of Rice Genes Expressed during Embryogenesis(I)陳良築-