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-Application of the Taguchi Method for Optimizing the Process Parameters of Producing Lightweight Aggregates by Incorporating Tile Grinding Sludge with Reservoir SedimentsChen, How-Ji; Chang, Sheng-Nan; Tang, Chao-Wei; 陳豪吉
-Concrete crack rehabilitation using biological enzyme陳豪吉; Chen, How-Ji; Tai, Pang-Hsu; Peng, Ching-Fang; Yang, Ming-Der-
-Dynamic Properties of Lightweight Concrete Beams Made by Sedimentary Lightweight AggregateChen, H.J.; 陳豪吉; Huang, C.H.; Tang, C.W.-
-Engineering Properties of Self-Consolidating Lightweight Aggregate Concrete and Its Application in Prestressed Concrete MembersHow-Ji Chen; Kuo-Cheng Wu; Chao-Wei Tang; Chung-Ho Huang; 陳豪吉
-Experimental Method for Evaluating the Bloating Properties of Muddy Sediments Lightweight AggregateHsieh, Shao-Heng; 謝紹恒-
-Fatigue Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Beam (I)陳豪吉; 顏聰-
-Hydrophobic Calcium Carbonate for Cement Surface陳豪吉; How-Ji Chen; Shashi B. Atla; Yi-Hsun Huang; James Yang; Yi-Hao Kuo; Chun-Mei Hsu; Wen-Chien Lee; Chien-Cheng Chen; Duen-Wei Hsu; Chien-Yen Chen
-In Situ Monitoring Method for High-Clearance Scaffold Shores黃玉麟; 顏聰; 陳豪吉-
-Influence of Aggregate Gradation on the Engineering Properties of Lightweight Aggregate ConcreteHow-Ji Chen; Chung-Hao Wu; 陳豪吉
-Innovative Research on Seismic-Resistant Material for Infrastructures (II)顏聰; 黃兆龍; 詹穎雯; 干裕成; 高健章; 陳豪吉; 黃忠信; 林建宏; 蘇南-
-Investigation on the Development of Concrete Cracking for Power Structures and the Preventive Strategies.顏聰; 張朝順; 陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 劉玉雯-
-New Prediction Method for the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete顏聰; 潘坤勝; 陳豪吉; 湯兆緯-
-New Prediction Method for the Compressive Strength of Medium Strength Concrete (II)顏聰; 潘坤勝; 陳豪吉; 湯兆緯-
-Paper Sludge Reuse in Lightweight Aggregates ManufacturingChen, How-Ji; Hsueh, Ying-Chih; Peng, Ching-Fang; Tang, Chao-Wei; 陳豪吉
-Recycling of Reservoir Fine Sediments and Power Plant Bottom Ash陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 顏聰; 林宜清-
-Research on the Fresh and Hardened Properties of Concrete Containing Nanoscale Blast Furnace Slag (I)顏聰; 湯兆緯; 陳豪吉; 吳威德; 黃玉麟-
-Research on the Rheological Behavior, Workability and Structural Properties of TAICON (II)顏聰; 陳豪吉; 黃玉麟; 林建宏-
-Residual-Load-Bearing Capacity of High-Performance Concrete-Filled Box Columns after Fire陳豪吉; How-Ji Chen; Yuan-Chi Yang; Chao-Wei Tang; Ching-Fang Peng
-Reuse of incineration fly ashes and reaction ashes for manufacturing lightweight aggregateChen, H.J.; 陳豪吉; Wang, S.Y.; Tang, C.W.-
-Seismic Behavior of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Structure (III)陳豪吉; 顏聰; 林宜清-