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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Application of Clay-modified Electrodes on Electroanalysis of Tea Soups and Investigation of Layer ChargeYu-Ju Liu; 劉育如
-Development of novel catalysts for fuel cell applications楊庭豪; Yang, Ting-Hao-
-Effect of multi-P-solubilizing microbes on the production of different crops(3/4)楊秋忠; 黃裕銘; 陳鴻基; 譚鎮中; 羅朝村-
-Effect of Multi-P-Solubilizing Microbes on the Production of Different Crops(II)楊秋忠; 羅朝村; 譚鎮中; 陳鴻基; 黃裕銘-
-Effect of transpiration on Pb uptake by lettuce and on water soluble low molecular weight organic acids in rhizosphere廖永綜; Liao, Yung-Chung-
-Effects of Applying Palygorskite and Microbes on the Growth of VegetablesBi-Yu Wu; 吳璧羽
-Effects of Different Ions and Compost on Movement of Paraquat in Soils Using Chemically Modified ElectrodeYang, Ting-Hao; 楊庭豪-
-Effects of Palygorskite on the Growth of Vegetable in Different Soil Great Groups and Insect PreventionYu-Chiao Lin; 林毓喬
-Effects of Paraquat on Electrochemical Reactions of Benzenediols in Clay-modified ElectrodesZen, Hsiu-Dan; 曾綉丹-
-Electroanalysis of Clay Modified Copper-Plated Screen Printed Carbon ElectrodeYao, Kai-Yuan; 姚開元-
-Electrochemical character of synthetic TodorokiteLin, Ying-Yu; 林映佑-
-Study of Electrochemical Reactivity of Phenolic Compounds Affected by Layer Charge of Clay MineralsChia-Ying Chu; 朱家瑩
-The Study of Palygorskite on the Characteristic and ApplicationHong-Jie Huang; 黃泓潔
-Study on the Culture Techniques of Organic Leafy Vegetable李文汕; 陳鴻基-
-一條根(闊葉大豆Glycine tomentella)健康種苗之培育Yeh, Zen-Wei; 葉人維-
-以鍍金網版印刷碳電極探討汞離子在土壤中的移動性張漢予; Chang, Han-Yu-
-以電子屬性為基礎建立有機化合物半效應濃度之定量構效關係Wu, Fang-Wei; 吳芳瑋-
-以頂空微針動態抽取技術對土壤中有機氯農藥之測定李仁厚; Li, Jen-Hou-
-以黏粒修飾電極法對汞離子之分析與反應研究王文毅; Wang, Wen-Yi-